Bigg Boss Malayalam 5: Gopika Talks About Strongest Contestant And Fallout With Junaiz & Sagar

gopika sagar junaiz

Gopika Gopi was the contestant who appeared as the representative of the audience in Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5. Gopika, who played well in the competition from the first week, was eliminated through the mid-week eviction held last week.

Gopika is the third contestant to be eliminated from the fifth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Hanan, who came as a wild card entry, and another contestant, Angel, were eliminated earlier.

Gopika is now busy giving interviews after coming off the Bigg Boss show. Gopika's eviction came suddenly after she fell out with her best friends Sagar and Junaiz in the Bigg Boss house. So Gopika left the house without being ready to say goodbye to them. But after reaching Host Mohanlal's side, Gopika talked to both of them through video. Now, Gopika is talking about her friendship with the two. She is also talking about Reneesha.

Reneesha is the contestant who seems to be playing the most sincere in the show. She didn't like me. Many had rejected me. But no one said it face to face. But Reneesha looked at my face and said, She even said the most hurtful thing to me directly. She didn't show a double face. That's the reason I like her. If anything, I like people who say it straight to their faces.

Reneesh has shown her true character. She is also the strongest person in the game. She will come in the top 5. Maybe she will become the winner too. Gopika said she believes so. Meanwhile, Gopika said that the friendship between Reneesha and Cerena is not sincere.

Gopika also says that it cannot be said that Junaiz and Sagar used her for the game. Gopika says that if I say that, I will have to say that I used them too. As soon as we joined Bigg Boss House, we had a mutual agreement to go hand in hand for 50 days. Not in terms of nomination; that can go in any direction, she said.

But if we don't show groupism, we will be out of many games early. Gopika said that they decided to go on an understanding for fifty days, and after that, they planned to play face-to-face. She said that the friendship with Junaiz and Sagar was taken forward by making an agreement. Gopika also said that the two people she saw as friends inside were Sagar and Junaiz.

If I can get back inside the house as a wild card entry, I will go. Gopika says in the interview that she has the desire to return successfully. Gopika says that she is a calm person, and since she could not stand there like that, she stood in a different way from the beginning.


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