Bigg Boss Malayalam 5: Sagar's Elimination Creates A Stir; Netizens Call It Unfair


Sagar Gets Evicted? Information about this week's eviction in the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 is now going viral on social media. It is said that Sagar will go out this week.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 is approaching its 10th week. Fans of the show are watching to see if the next five weeks will be game-changing. Meanwhile, there is a pressure faced by contestants who make it to the nomination list in the final weeks.

Sagar Guessed It Already?

It is also interesting that this time the nomination list is the toughest for this season as well. Junais, Vishnu, Akhil, Rinosh, Shobha and Sagar are in the nomination list this time. In yesterday's episode, Sagar shared his feelings with his friends about his name in this week's eviction, even though it was a joke.

When Sagar reached the bathroom area to sort out a difference of opinion with Serena, he jokingly told some other friends about it. Apart from Serena, Reneesha, Anu and Junais were there at that time.

Unfair Eviction

Junais called Sagar 'Sugar' when he went to talk to Serena. Sagar responded to this by saying, "I have only three more days, man, so I thought I would love everyone and leave." "Then if he is not evicted, will Chetan go down on his own?" Reneesha heard this and asked in return. Sagar's reply was that it is impossible to say and Bigg Boss is unpredictable. But Junais made the final assessment that Sagar would not go.

In this year's nomination list, Shobha and Sagar are generally considered as the candidates who are likely to get the least number of votes. In such a situation, many YouTubers and Bigg Boss Malayalam Predictors are strongly saying that Sagar is out. People call it as unfiar eviction because Sagar is one of the strongest contestant in the Bigg Boss house.


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