Samantha About Her Current Health Condition; Says ‘Thought I Will Get Better When I Was In Hospital..’


Samantha recently gave an interview to a popular media portal where she speaks a lot about her health condition.

The host Ramya asked, "People talk about physical transformation. I think you are an embodiment of mental transformation which people don't talk about. It is very important. So we are asking on behalf of Tamil Nadu.. How are you now?"

Samantha replied, "Better.. A lot better. I think we cannot ask 'Are completely alright' to someone with the auto immune condition. It is something that follows lifelong. There are only good days and bad days. So yes there are a lot more good days now."

When asked about doing action films Samantha said, "I thought I will get better in hospital or at home while taking rest. But I realized later during the shooting times where I feel more happy by doing something that I love. And that helps me to come out of the problems. It gives me a lot of strength.

I'm a control freak. I will keep everything around me in control. But when I got diagnosed with this condition, I got angry about why this I'm not getting rid of it. I'm very healthy.. I eat well. Why did it came to me? And not leaving me? I was running behind perfection. But slowly I learned patience. Started enjoying the current moment that I live rather than thinking about future and worrying a lot. So I think my idea of perfection has changed a lot."


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