'Vil Ambu' Movie Review & Rating: A Weapon That Makes An Impact!


Vil Ambu, starring Sri, Harish Kalyan and Samskruthy Shenoy in the lead, has released today all over Tamil Nadu. Directed by Ramesh Subramaniam, the film had gathered positive reviews after the premiere show.

How does Vil Ambu cater to the general audience? Continue reading our movie review to know what exactly this thriller has to offer.

Vil Ambu Plot:

Vil Ambu is about two characters, played by Sri and Harish Kalyan, who are not connected to each other but end up influencing each other's lives without even them realizing it.

Based on the concept called fate, Vil Ambu parallely showcases the life of petty thief and a guy who works in an IT company, against his wish.

How does these two characters cross each others' path, what are the consequences they face because of each other and how do they solve them forms the crux of this crime-thriller.


The casting of Vil Ambu is its biggest strength. Lead actors like Sri, Harish Kalyan and Samskruthy Shenoy have delivered brilliant performances, making their characters look authentic.

Special mention goes to Chandini Tamilarasan, for the girl is an absolute treat to watch in this particular movie (especially in the climax portion).

While Srushti Dange doesn't have much to do, comedian Yogi Babu is an added advantage as he brings down the house at many places.


Cinematographer Martin Joe's hardwork is very much evident on the big screen and the output is pretty decent as well.

Navin's background score is apt and manages to lift certain scenes up. It also adds solidity to the overall feel of the film.

While Ruben's editing in the second half is just about perfect, he could've shortened the length of the movie in the first half, which would've subsequently made the film a touch more grippier.

Vil Ambu manages to hold your attention for a major part of 2 hours and 17 minutes, but more so in the second half.

Overall View:

Though Vil Ambu looks nothing short of greatness on paper, director Ramesh Subramaniam gets carried away with his sub plots, making the film look decent than brilliant.

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