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Rangrasiya: 6th June; Paro Behaves Shockingly, Warns Laila To Stay Away From Rudra! (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 6th June written episode: Paro hugs Thakurain and becomes worried seeing her injuries. Thakurain becomes overwhelmed seeing Rudra, but he leaves the office. Paro comes to Rudra's car and says that he should face his mother, instead of escaping. He pays no heed and goes home.

Tejawat is informed that Thakurain has reached the BSD office. He apprehends that she has given the BSD officials all information about his secret den. He decides to leave his den.

Thakurain regrets her mistake of leaving her child at his early age and says that his anger is justified. Paro consoles her and hopes for the betterment of the relationship. She becomes surprised seeing Laila.

Laila tells Paro that Thakurain should be admitted to hospital as she has severe injuries. Paro asks Aman to arrange it. Laila says that Paro should take care of Rudra, as he is undergoing a difficult emotional crisis.

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Paro becomes unusually strict and says that she does not need any advice from an outsider! She warns Laila that she is well aware of her intention and would not again allow her to spoil her family life!

Rudra enters home toddling as he is extremely drunk. He informs his father about his mother's comeback. Dilsher is shocked and sits on the bed. Rudra leaves the house and comes to the room of Thakurain at BSD.

Rudra bursts on his mother and slams her for abandoning him for no reason. He recalls the days when he was marked for her shameful act of eloping. He says that he has learnt to live life without her and she is not needed any more!

Don't miss the pictures...

Rudra Mad On Seeing Thakurain

Rudra boils with anger on seeing his mother.

Mixed Feelings

Rudra also longs for her love and touch.

Rudra Rejects Thakurain

Just when she touches him, Rudra storms out of the BSD office.

Paro Stops Rudra

Paro tells him that he must face is mother, not run away. She advices him to demand a justification from her for leaving her family.

Rudra Furious

Rudra pays no heed to her advice and drives away.

Laila Persuades Thakurain

Laila tells her to stop him, as she released her from captivity only to unite her with Rudra.

Thakurain Guilty

Thakurain says that she had wronged and that his anger is justified.

Paro Nurses Thakurain's Wounds

Paro applies medicine on the Thakurain's wounds.

Thakurain's Secret Desire

Thakurain says that she always wanted Rudra to marry Paro. Paro is amused that her mother is now her mother-in-law!

Paro Consoles Thakurain

Thakurain expresses her agony over Rudra, she says that he must have longed for her love and she heartlessly betrayed him.

Laila Enters

Laila's return is completely unexpected for Paro.

Laila's Drama

Laila fakes goodness again.

Paro's Shocking Behaviour

Paro retorts saying that outsiders must stay away from family matters.

Paro Aware

Paro says that she is not naive anymore and is aware of Laila's true intentions. She warns her to stay away from her husband!

Laila Insulted

This was a big shocker for Laila. Now will she plot something more terrible?

Tejawat Escapes From Hideout

Tejawat moves to another location with his men as he suspects the Thakurain might have alerted the Police.

Rudra Gets Drunk

Rudra submerges his sorrow in alcohol.

Drunk Rudra Reveals News

Rudra goes home and reveals to his father Dilsher that his wife is back!

Dilsher In Trauma

Dilsher's past also unwinds before him.

Rudra Disowns Thakurain!

Rudra says that he does not need her anymore!

Thakurain's Pain

Thakurain feels miserable on Rudra's accusation.

Drunk Rudra Lashes Out

Rudra lashes out to his mother, saying how she destroyed his childhood.

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