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20 Reasons On Why You Should Watch Rajinikanth’s Vikramasimha

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The countdown has begun for the release of Rajinikanth's magnum opus Vikramasimha, which is the Telugu version of Tamil Kochadaiiyaan. This historic drama is gearing up for a massive release in Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Spanish and Japanese in 6,000 screens in 10 countries on May 9. This version will grace 1000 cinema halls in Telangana and Seemandhra regions on the same date.

Vikramasimha is a motion capture 3D computer-animated period film, which has been written by KS Ravikumar and directed by Soundarya R Ashwin. The film is partly inspired by the story of the Pandya Dynasty king Kochadaiyan Ranadhiran. It is said to be a fictional account with small references to Indian history. The movie is a dramatization of good versus evil. Its promos and music have received huge response, thereby creating enormous amount of hype and expectations from the film.

The movie will introduce a new technology - motion capture photo-realistic 3D animation to the Indian film industry. Soundarya says, "The release of Vikramasimha ushers in the next era of Indian cinema. For the first time a full length feature has been made in India using performance capture technology and I truly hope this creates a whole new avenue of film making beyond just live action films in our country."

Vikramasihma is one of the most-awaited films of 2014. Having been postponed for several times, the film is finally hitting theatres this Friday. The movie will released with both the 2D and 3D versions. The advance booking for the film is expected to open today, whereas the bookings for the premiere shows have already been made available. The film is expected to get an earth-shattering opening at the Box Office.

We bring you 20 reasons on why you should watch Rajinikanth's much-awaited movie Vikramasimha. Continue to see them in the slideshow.

1. Rajinikanth’s Performances

Vikramasihma marks the comeback of Superstar Rajinikanth to the big screens four years after the release of his last outing Robot. Rajini has enacted and voiced three lead roles like Kochadaiiyaan, Rana and Sena in the movie and his performance will be a treat to watch on screens.

2. Rajinikanth's Looks In Vikramasimha

Soundarya says, "First, we scanned his face and made a 3D model to get the exact precision of his features, such as the scar on his nose. And then we corrected the 3D model by tightening his skin to make him look 25 years younger. They used that technology in the film Tron." The youthfulness of the look was compared to the looks that Rajinikanth carried in his film Muthu. She adds, "His hairstyle in the film was inspired by his appearance in Thalapathi.

3. Rajinikanth-Deepika’s Romance

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, who has scored four back-to-back hits in Hindi in 2013, is making her debut in Telugu and Tamil with Vikramasihma. Her romance with Rajinikanth will be a treat. She is playing warrior princess Vadhana and her fight scene will be another highlight of the film.

4. Rajinikanth-Shobhana’s Romance

Rajinikanth has worked with Shobhana in Thalapathi and the wonderful chemistry between the two was one of the key factors for its success. Twenty five years after its release, Vikramasimha brings back this hit couple to the screen. She is playing one of the two female leads in the film. Her romance with Rajini will be one of the big attractions of the film.

5. AR Rahman’s Songs And Background Score

Music Maestro AR Rahman, who has won several Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe for his musical contribution to Slumdog Millionaire, has composed music for the soundtracks and background score of Vikramasimha.

6. Latha-Crooned Song

Rajinikanth's wife Latha has sung a song for the movie Vikramasimha, which has been successful in impressing the music lovers. This track is one of the main highlights of the film.

7. Motion Capture 3D Computer-Animated Period Film

Vikramasimha features the unique visual mastery of Photorealistic Performance Capture technology for the very first time in the history of an Indian film. This technology has been previously seen in Avatar, Tin Tin and Beowulf.

8. Action Choreography For Vikramasimha

Hollywood stunt master Peter Hein has choreographed the action of Vikramasimha. His war scenes and fight sequences will be one among main highlights in the technical front. The film features a fight sequence in the middle of the ocean, where Rajini is seen fighting dolphins.

9. Dance Choreography For Vikramasimha

Saroj Khan, Shobi, Raju Sundaram, Chinni Prakash and his wife have choreographed the dance sequences of the film. The Shiva thaandav featuring Rajinikanth will be one among the main highlights of the film.

10. Late Nagesh In Vikramasimha

Late veteran actor Nagesh has been brought to life using the cutting-edge technology. His portions have been recreated through sophisticated animation techniques. Soundarya says, "The biggest triumph for Vikramasimha was bringing back late comedy actor Nagesh to the screen."

11. Supporting Cast In Vikramasimha

Vikramasimha boasts of sterling performance by talented actors like R Sarathkumar, Aadhi, Shobana, Jackie Shroff, Nassar and Rukmini Vijayakumar in the supporting cast.

12. Punch Dialogues

Rajinikanth is known for his unique dialogue diction and Vikramasimha is abundance of such dialogues. The theatres will surely be echoed with fans' cheer for Thalaiva's dialogue.

13. Art Direction Of Vikramasimha

Soundarya has chosen 42 students from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai for the task of art department for Vikramasimha. Besides 50 experienced persons from the Jacob College of Fine Arts. 60 concept artistes were already reportedly working for the film.

14. Costume Design

National Award winning fashion designer Neeta Lulla worked on the looks of each character, including the lead role portrayed by Rajinikanth. According to Lulla, the project required a lot of research. Around 150 costumes per character were designed on paper and out of those, 25 costumes were selected and detailed. She also created a range of 20 to 30 looks especially for Rajinikanth's suit of armour as well as the supporting cast of Vikramasimha. Lulla, along with the team working on the costumes, created the looks of all characters on sketch. They had worked for about eight months on the various characterisations of Rajinikanth and the supporting cast.

15. Vikramasimha Cinematography

Ace cinematographer Rajiv Menon has handled the camera work for Vikramasimha, which was shot using performance capture technology. He has used 48 cameras to shoot each and every scene. The 48 cameras captured performance of artistes' at 48 angles.

16. Auro 3D Sound

Vikramasimha is equipped with Auro 3D sound technology.

17. Sound Design

Resul Pookutty is the sound designer for the film. He has worked over two and a half year on the sound design of the film. Three teams of sound editors were working in Los Angeles, Mumbai and Chennai under him. The final phase of re-recording was done in Chennai at AR Rahman's studio during end-March 2014. In an interview with The Hindu he quoted, "For the war sequence, we got 150 people scream like how they would in a war and recorded the sound. I went to fortresses and collected samples of how sound resonates. Based on the impulse response data, we recreated the acoustics of a durbar."

18. Vikramasimha Production

The post-production works of Vikramasimha have been done in the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, and China. It was shot at Pinewood Studios in the UK with a team of technical experts including the London based Centroid Studios, which has worked on Hollywood productions like World War Z, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ironman 2 and Harry Potter; Counter Punch and Faceware Technologies, which worked on The Mummy 3 and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

19. Vikramasimha Production Cost

Eros International and Media One Global Entertainment, which are leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, have shelled out a hefty sum of Rs 125 crores on this extravaganza called Vikramasimha.

20. New Era Of Indian Cinema

The release of Vikramasimha ushers in the next era of Indian cinema. For the first time a full length feature has been made in India using performance capture technology and I truly hope this creates a whole new avenue of film making beyond just live action films in our country."

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