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Rudhramadevi Positives And Negatives: Read The In Depth Analysis

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Rudhramadevi, the dream project of director Gunasekhar has finally released today after a great struggle and devotion. Though the reviews were are not so encouraging, we think it is definitely not a bad film. 

Firstly, the story of the film has come as a harsh reality which is difficult to digest and accept that it has happened in the history. A girl being brought up as a man, getting married to another girl is a hard subject to convince the audience. 

But once you believe the plot, the film might appeal better to you. Secondly, the songs and the back ground music did not do any good to the film, which are in fact key for a historic film to create that emotional connect. 

Gunasekhar narrates the film so plain and missed on the cinematic highs audience expect. Apparently, the liberties he has taken were stock and hence did not help him win the attention of the viewers.

The director should have concentrated on narrating the story from the perspective of highlighting the lead role, instead of placing a leg on every boat. Read a detailed analysis of positives and negatives of Rudhramadevi in the slides below. 


Anushka not only played a warrior queen but has indeed fought with the notions we have developed that woman are supposed to sing and dance. She stuns you with her acting prowess, glamour and the royalty all in one film. We just cant imagine the film Rudhramadevi if it's not Anushka.

Allu Arjun

Did they say he plays a cameo? Oh bad! He steals the show and remains as the highlight of the film. We are not sure if you take back home the history of Kakatiya and bravery of Rudhramadevi, but you will surely remember Gona Ganna Reddy leaving the theaters.

Rana Daggubati

Rana Daggubati felt wasted and we he was underplayed to highlight Anushka and Allu Arjun.


It is sad that Rudhramadevi was portrayed as a helpless woman most of the times. She lends the support of Gona Ganna Reddy, Chalukya Veerabadhra to face the threats while it is Shiva Devayya who acts as her brain. Warrior Queen?! We did not get to see.

Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun's star status and screen presence has helped the film but we doubt if the same star status has killed the warrior in Rudhramadevi. The climax dialogue where he says he has left Mahadeva Nayakudu only because he wants Rudhramadevi to kill him and prove her bravery, appears to have included to satisfy his star image.


Can we not include sexuality and make a honest film on a warrior queen? Thank god they have edited out the item song of Hamsa Nandini.


We find many artists out of place though we do not want to name them considering their legendary career or seniority.

Prakash Raj

The actor once again proved what a great talent he is. His dialogues, diction and presence added a boost to the film.


Last but not the least Chiranjeevi's voice over surely fills the spirit.

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