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Monday, June 18, 2007
Shivaji - The Boss
Director Shankar is well known among the Telugu audiences with his films like Oke Okkadu, Bharateeyudu and very recently Aparichitudu. Though in recent times, he stopped directing movies and turned producer by encouraging talented directors, he has come with a decent subject with South Indian superstar Rajinikanth as hero.

Generally audiences expect social message from Shankar's film and Shivaji is no exception. It has a social message that India is not a poor country and it is a few capitalists who are making the country bankrupt by not paying tax properly and at the same time, amassing huge wealth in the form of black money. Had that money been used for public purpose, thousands of students could get free education and thousands of poor people could get good medication and hospital services. Shankar has prepared a good solution in this aspect and that is Shivaji.

Shivaji (Rajni) is the son of an ordinary middle class and innocent parents (Manivannan and Vadivukkarasi). He also has a very helpful uncle (Vivek). He strives hard and becomes a software pro and goes abroad and returns after earning over Rs.250 crores. On his return, Shivaji finds that India is still lagging behind in many aspects and the evil of begging still continues. In order to serve his country, he decides to spend his entire earnings by setting up a university and a good hospital through Shivaji Foundation.

Shivaji meets Adikesava Reddy (Suman), who has experience in running colleges and hospitals. However, Adikesava Reddy discourages him, as it would hamper his personal business. Refusing his help, Shivaji tries to do all the work by himself and faces several corrupt officials. In order to fulfill his ambition, he bribes the officials and gets the necessary permission and starts the work his dream project. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Umadevi (Shreya) a homely girl. However, at the instance of Adikesava Reddy, the minister orders the officials to demolish the buildings citing some objection.

Shivaji meets the minister and he too demands a bribe of Rs.50 crores. Shivaji mortgages his entire property and pays the amount and continues his project. Umadevi refuses to marry Shivaji saying that their jatakams are not matching and there is danger his life. But he convinces her and the engagement is done. Adikesava Reddy with his influence dethrones the government and the new government again puts hurdles to the project. The situation goes out of hands and the court verdict goes against Shivaji.

With no alternative, he hands over his entire property and becomes helpless. At this juncture, Adikesava Reddy tosses a one rupee coin to Shivaji as if he has made him a beggar. Umadevi wails saying that it has all happened because of their alliance. However, Shivaji decides to fight against this situation. He puts Adikesava Reddy in a risky situation that he would provide all his benami transactions to the income tax department, and demands to pay him Rs.100 crore. Later, he gets an idea as to how much other people must have amassed black money if Adikesava Reddy alone could have so much.

So, he tactfully makes moves and collects all the auditors who worked with the capitalists and resigned the jobs. He comes to know that there is a whopping Rs.46,000 crores black money in India. He gathers 50 per cent of this black money. Instead of using the money directly, he converts the black money into white money through Hawala transaction and legally starts all the socially useful works. At this juncture he marries Umadevi. He launches Shivaji Foundation branch in each and every district and prospers them. Later, with the copies of the records, he makes the income-tax officials to raid the houses and tries to punish the hoarders legally. Irked over this, Adikesava Reddy tactfully corners Shivaji's wife Umadevi through officials and arrests Shivaji. Adikesava Reddy also plans to kill him. However, Shivaji escapes.


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