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      Prema Kavali – Movie Review

      By Ramchander

      Saikumar has played as police officer in many film and he is more popular for dubbing his voice to Rajasekhar and several others. His son Aadhi is making his debut, as hero in Prema Kavali. After a long gap, director K Vijaya Bhaskar has wielded the megaphone. Though, the director is known for bringing out love subjects, this time, he has changed his track and has tried his hand on a love story with action backdrop. The young generation heroes try to prove themselves to do both love and action films and hence the film has turned a perfect platform for the debutant hero. Read on for Prema Kavali review.


      Prema (Isha) is the daughter of a sincere Rama Rao (Nasser), who was a jailer of Chanchalguda jail. The film begins with Appa Rao (Shafi) blackmailing her. However, she was caught by her sister-in-law Neeraja (Sindhu Tolani), who comes to know the fact. Prema reveals the flashback, wherein she befriends with Srinu (Aadhi) her classmate and turns a little intimate with him just as a friend. However, Srinu gives her a peck in a fit of emotion and Appa Rao gets it clicked with his mobile camera and started blackmailing her. First, they suspect Srinu"s hand. Soon after Srinu"s return from an NCC camp held at Himachal Pradesh, Neeraja meets him, talks to him and finds the honesty in his eyes.

      Now, Srinu sets in to find out, who was blackmailing her. In fact, Appa Rao was employed by Thakur (Dev Gill) of Mumbai to kidnap her. Thakur wanted to rescue an international terrorist from the jail by kidnapping Prema and to threaten Rama Rao to release him. But, because of Srinu"s intervention he fails in his attempt. Now, Thakur comes to know that the terrorist is being shifted from Chanchalguda jail and the information would be a top secret as the road map for the shifting of the terrorist would be e-mailed to him by higher authorities. So, he tells Appa Rao to find out the password of the e-mail from Prema. What happens next should be seen on-screen.


      Aadhi has done his role with good ease and his in dialogue delivery is as good as his father. He is quite comfortable in emoting the love and emotional scenes and he is also good at dances and action scenes. However, he should further improve his body language, as he appeared a little rigid in some scenes. But for a debutant hero, such situations are unavoidable. Isha Chawla has a beautiful and cute face. However, she too needs to improve her body language. Though, she is glamorous and has the guts to expose in romantic scenes, she should also be able to show facial expressions and histrionics. Shafi has a little more screen presence in this film and Dev Gill is okay, as a cruel villain and a mafia don. Nazar, Sindhu Tolani have done justice to their respective roles. Jayasudha and Nagababu appeared only in one scene, while Brahmanandam has tried to tickle the funny bone but in real terms this comedy genius has failed to evoke any kind of entertainment. Ali is okay, as a chain snatcher.


      Vijaya Bhaskar has penned a simple story. However, he has ensured that the script would suit a debut hero and has not given many twists and not many scenes to showcase his performance capabilities. Songs as well as action scenes are kept at perfect timings to give adequate relief. The director has succeeded in elevating Aadhi as hero. Prasad Varma has tried to pen the dialogues on the lines of Trivikram, as he filled the humour at right intervals. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu has suited the best for the film. The second half appears a little stretched, especially after 20 minutes of the interval bang till half-an-hour before the climax. Almost some 40 minutes in the second half turns a little boring but the director has tightened his belt for giving an impressive climax. Gauthamraju should have sharpened his scissors in trimming those 40 minutes to 15 minutes in the second half. All the tunes given by Anup Rubens are good to listen and melodious. Background score could have been better if he has paid some more attention. The director has failed to maintain the tempo in the second half due to a staggered screenplay.


      Climax is impractical with a mafia gang using a land route to rescue an international terrorist and the hero reaching them without any help. Moreover, there is nothing novel in story telling, but the director has chosen a lighter way only for the convenience of a debutant hero. The story is pretty predictable. Youths may like the story. Mass masala elements are missing in the film and the commercial success of the film is doubtful. However, it is a perfect debut film for a newcomer. A good time pass film.

      Cast: Aadhi, Isha Chawla, Shafi, Dev Gill, Nazar, Brahmanandam, Naga Babu, Supreet, Ali, Gundu Sudarshan, MS Narayana, Jayasudha, Sindhu Tolani, Gita Singh, and others

      Credits: Music – Anup Rubens, Cinematography – Chota K Naidu, Editing – Goutham Raju, Presents – RR Movie Makers, Producer – K Atchi Reddy, Story, screenplay, direction – K Vijaya Bhaskar

      Banner: Max India Productions

      Released on: February 25, 2011

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