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Bangaru Kodipetta - Movie Review

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Telugu actors Navdeep and Swati Reddy have made a grand comeback with Guru Films' debut film Bangaru Kodipetta, which has hit the marque today (March 7). The title of the movie has created lot of curiosity among film goers as it has been named after the super-hit song of Chiranjeevi's Gharana Mogudu. Having a fresh storyline, the flick is a good masala entertainer that will impress Telugu audience.

Bangaru Kodipetta is a romantic crime comedy thriller that has all commercial elements to woo the mass viewers. Navdeep and Swati's performances are the main attractions of the film. Raj Pippala's engrossing screenplay, Mahesh Shankar's music, Sahit Raza's cinematography and a few comedy scenes are other highlights of the movie. The slow and dragging narration in the first half is one big drawback of the film.

Boni fame director Raj Pippala, who has written and directed Bangaru Kodipetta, has chosen an interesting story for the movie, which revolves around the gold story of ambitious girl and boy. The film is a journey through warm doses of humour, romance and twists and turns. It offers a glimpse into what a human heart is capable of.

Bangaru Kodipetta opens with humourous title cards followed by a flashback scene. But after few minutes, the movie goes into slow-motion mode and the dragging narration continues till the end of the first half. The film picks up the speed after the interval, and a few interesting twists keep you glued to screens in the second half. The twist in the pre-climax and climax are superb.

Bhanumati Pinnieseetty (Swati Reddy), who lives in Krishna Nagar, is failed in Telugu medium 9th standard, but she wants to be in English medium. She works for a Cola Company at a Mall. She is ambitious, dreamer and aspires to be rich and she is willing to take any risk for it. When she loses her job, her ambitious self decides to risk it all for an inside robbery and she approaches her co-worker Vamsi (Navdeep) with the idea. Continue to read Bangaru Kodipetta movie review in the slideshow.

Bangaru Kodipetta Story

Vamsi is a talented and go-getter guy, but only for himself. He jumps at a chance to make some quick cash, when Banu asks him for help. Banu and Vamsi reach an agreement. Vamsi agrees to help her, but her prefers to work alone. What happens next will for the crux of the story.

Navadeep's Performance In Bangaru Kodipetta

As Vamsi, Navdeep has delivered wonderful performance in Bangaru Kodipetta. He has shown lot of ease in romance and comedy scenes. His chemistry with Swati is also good and impresses the young film goers. It is a treat to watch them together.

Swati's Role In Bangaru Kodipetta

Actress Swati Reddy, who has already proved her mettle in a few art movies, has an important role in Bangaru Kodipetta, which offers her lot of scope for performance. She has tried her best in doing justice to her role. After Navdeep, her acting is another big strength of the film.

Supporting artistes In Bangaru Kodipetta

Popular action choreographers Ram and Laxman have played crucial roles and their performances are also among the big assets of Bangaru Kodipetta. As Swati's boss, Harshavardhan has also done wonderful job. The director has managed to tap out wonderful performances from other artistes.

Production Values In Bangaru Kodipetta

Produced by Sunitha Thati under the banner of Guru Films, Bangaru Kodipetta has rich production values. Director Raj Pippala has managed to get wonderful works from all the technical departments.

Music And BGM In Bangaru Kodipetta

Mahesh Shankar's work is the main highlight in the technical front. A couple of his song compositions are good to listen in Bangaru Kodipetta. His background score, which is one of the big assets, helps the director to elevate the intensity of a few important scenes.

Picturisation Of Bangaru Kodipetta

Sahit Raza's cinematography is another highlight in the technical front in Bangaru Kodipetta. A few of his close-up shots and the picturisation of songs will impress the viewers. Other technical departments have also done commendable job.

Editing Of Bangaru Kodipetta

GV Chandrasekhar's editing is good, but he should have made Bangaru Kodipetta even more interesting, if he had trimmed a few dragging scenes in the first half of the film. Prasad Varma Penmatsa's humourous dialogues are among the big assets of the movie.

Final Verdict On Bangaru Kodipetta

Overall, Bangaru Kodipetta is good entertainer that has everything to impress different classes of audiences. Raj Pippala's direction and story, wonderful performances by lead actors and sound technical elements are the biggest assets of the film, which is surely worth your money, go for it.

Bangaru Kodipetta Production Team

Producer: Sunitha Tati
Director: Raj Pippalla
Cast: Navdeep, Swati Reddy, Ram Laxman, Harshavardhan and others
Musician: Mahesh Shankar
Cinematographer: Sahir Raza
Release date: March 7, 2014

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