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"I'm doing film with Madhuri very soon" : Anil Kapoor

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Monday, August 13, 2007
Anil Kapoor has proved that he is not only a talented actor but a smart producer as well. His first movie as producer Gandhi my father is getting very good response all over. Anil Kapoor interacted with his fans chat. Here are some excerpts from the chat.

luqman : I must congrats you on making a brilliant epic like Gandhi my father.. I watched it here yesterday in UK
Anil Kapoor : thankz luqman

manesh : u r one of the BEST actors we have in bollywood - Keep makin' Gr8 movie
Anil Kapoor : thankz manesh. i'll try my best to make good films

CAESAR : Hi boss! wassup? i m ur bigest fan eva from Peshawar, m a software developer n when get time then love to watch your old movies. Simply awesome!!!
Anil Kapoor : I'll be happy if u watch it again. Ask your friends to watch it too

ritu : hi anil....how hard is it being a producer of a film??
Anil Kapoor : it depends. For some people being producer is hard, for some it's easy. But production is a tough job

jahaan : hi anilji hows u tell abt ur experience wil making Gandhi my father
Anil Kapoor : it was absolutely rewarding to make GMF n very very fruitful

neha : who is ur all-time fav actress?
Anil Kapoor : madhubala

manesh : just watched Gandhi my father on Saturday. i have to say the movie was AMAZING... Great Acting by all the actors.. Great Script...Great Direction... and on ur side Outstanding Production
Anil Kapoor : thank u. pls watch Gandhi my father

jahaan : kya aap madhuri dixit ke saath abhi koi film kar rahe hain plz tell sommthing abt it plz
Anil Kapoor : im doing film with madhuri very soon

luqman : Akshay Khanna and Shifalli Shah were just amazing
Anil Kapoor : i'll convery ur msg luqman

mhkhan : hello sir i m big fan of urs, when ur movie tashan will release ?
Anil Kapoor : tashan is releasing next yr

manesh : How was it working as a producer??? Is it harder than working as an actor?? R u going to continue producing as well as acting??
Anil Kapoor : yea, I m going to continue production with acting

aussie raja : hi anil, excellent job done by everyone on Gandhi my father. i hope akshaye&shefali win awards for their performances.
Anil Kapoor : im sure they will aussie

Narges : Which movie is ur most memorable?
Anil Kapoor : mr . india is my most memorable film

naseer : what is ur next film?
Anil Kapoor : my next film is welcome, race, black n white, tashan, main yuvraj

PRIYA : Maduri is making a come bak? what do u think about that? I love all the movies with the both of u esp Tezaab and Beta? any plans to act with her again?
Anil Kapoor : next yr working with madhuri for sure

stinger : hey sir im a gr8 fan of urs loved ur recent performances ! waiting for the dvd of Gandhi my father to release heard alot about it
Anil Kapoor : where r u from since u wanna watch on dvd?

ABking : Sir Congrats 4 ur amazing debut as a producer.. whom wud u credit the success to ?
Anil Kapoor : ABking, i owe my success to god

ritu : hi anil....how hard is it being a producer compared to an actor???
Anil Kapoor : ritu, as an actor u r looked after n as a producer u hv to look after ppl

HR_KK_Fan : Hello. I think Gandhi my father is a terrific film. Will you be making more films like these in the future? If you do, please try and sign Hrithik Roshan as I thnk he would be a very good choice.
Anil Kapoor : will surely get hrithik

rid : wht will be ur home production next movie?
Anil Kapoor : shortcut will be the next film from my prod company

ABking : U also have ur daughter debuting this year.. this must be an eventful year..
Anil Kapoor : this is an eventful yr, u r right

harilal : why didn't you work in Gandhi?
Anil Kapoor : im not good enough for Gandhi my father

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