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Urvashi chats with fans

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Vishal : Hi Urvashi I am from Australia saw the trailor of Naqab can't wait to see movie.. you look beautiful? How did you like working with your co-stars?
Urvashi Sharma : it was great working with them. i hope u got to watch the film vishal Naqaab.

Vishal : is your sister going to enter the film industry?
Urvashi Sharma : yes, my sister will also enter films very soon

gaurav : hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
gaurav : u want to marry me
Urvashi Sharma : sure, come n speak to my parents, hahaha

akriti : r u typing or is someone from indiafm?
Urvashi Sharma : thas me. i know how to type

Ravi : so how do u rate ur film??? Naqaab
Urvashi Sharma : my opinion doesnt matter. its for u to decide

IK : tell us about your sister entering films?
Urvashi Sharma : shes hot n sexy

Chaos : how tall are u?
Urvashi Sharma : im quite tall

gaurav : were r u now
Urvashi Sharma : guess where?

shekhar : so how was it working with Mr akshaye
Urvashi Sharma : it was good. hes a great guy

Aseel : your first movie with big directors like abbas-mustan , how was your reaction when they offerdd the film to you
Urvashi Sharma : i was very happy

fringant : who was a better costar. bobby or akshaye
Urvashi Sharma : both

mubi : after ur contract with tips expires will u have to pay a [part of ur remuneration to tips like shahid kapur did?
Urvashi Sharma : thas not really ur business sweet heart

R.Kishor : u and udita goswami look like sisters
Urvashi Sharma : i dont think i lost a sister in kum ka mela. i think i look like preity and my smile is like madhuri

naina : ur favourite film of all time?
Urvashi Sharma : Naqaab

adrina wilson : hiiiiii...Urvashi.this is adrina wilson frm cananda..can i hav ur no.plz....i m ur biiggest fan
Urvashi Sharma : u can contact me thru tips

Chaos : are u dating anyone?
Urvashi Sharma : y? are ualso in the queue?

Joya : Urva, how do you see bobby as an actor?
Urvashi Sharma : u watch n decide urself

Aseel : what is your dream role ?
Urvashi Sharma : sridevi in sadma

preet : u will get 10/10 for urself.... u r irressistible
Urvashi Sharma : thank u so much

neha : ur salsa dance looked stupid. its not even salsa
Urvashi Sharma : its not salsa

Aseel : did u watch Aap Kaa Surroor ? what is your opinion ?
Urvashi Sharma : no i havent seen it

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