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      Chase - Review

      By By: Taran Adarsh, <a Href="" Target="_blank">bollywood Hungama</a>

      A Dhoom clicks and you suddenly spot Hayabusas speeding away in every third Hindi movie. A RACE clicks and everyone wants to attempt a thriller, with twists-n-turns aplenty. Chase is no DHOOM, nor is it Race either, but there's a feeling of dejÀ vu nonetheless.

      Chase begins with a high-octane chase and what follows are several twists-n-turns, before the jigsaw puzzle is solved. But the question is, does Chase provide those adrenaline-pumping moments? Nope, it doesn't! The problem is, the writing relies too heavily on the tried-n-tested stuff, which robs this thriller of those thrilling moments.

      Final word? Chase is akin to soda. Opens with a lot of fizz, but falls flat thereafter!
      Sohail [Anuuj Saxena] is a man on the run. DIG Ranveer [Rajesh Khattar] has vested interest in getting to the bottom of a murder in which Sohail is involved. Insp. Siddharth [Samir Kochhar] is the right hand of the DIG, who is monitoring Sohail's actions.

      Enter Nupur [Udita Goswami], who is involved with Sohail closely. The other players of this chase are Surabhee [Tarina Patel], Sohail's love interest and industrialist Mr. Khanna [Aditya Raj Kapoor], for whom money is the solution of all problems. Also, there is Anthony D'Costa [Gulshan Grover], who is also in search for the truth.

      The hunt for Sohail and search for truth takes us through the streets of Mumbai. The truth has the potential of blowing up the entire political system apart. Who is the victim and who is the criminal?

      The sole aspect you carry home after watching Chase are the high-octane chase sequences, especially the one at the very start of the film. Otherwise, Chase harps on the age-old plot where an innocent man is framed for a murder he hasn't committed, the corrupt cops being hand-in-glove with an industrialist, an undercover cop who doubles up as a seductress and the journo-girlfriend who goes that extra mile to save her boyfriend. Besides, there's a Live sting operation, the mandatory songs and some steamy moments and a stylish video towards the end.

      Director Jag Mundhra has shot a few sequences well, but the writing doesn't hold. The music is equally functional.

      Anuuj tries too hard to act, but can't. Udita is credible, as always. Tarina Patel looks ill at ease. Gulshan Grover is wasted. Rajesh Khattar infuses life in his part. He's competent. Ditto for Samir Kochhar, who's equally confident. Aditya Raj Kapoor is quite good.

      On the whole, Chase lacks face-value as well as merits. Besides, with an opposition like Housefull, Chase stands no chance.

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