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Raajneeti opening surprised us all - Arjun Rampal

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His drop dead gorgeous looks and chiseled torso have earned him a huge fan following. Now with some spectacular performances in films like Om Shanti Om, Rock On, Housefull and the recently released Raajneeti, his popularity has only multiplied many fold. He is none other than Arjun Rampal.

Arjun chatted to interact with his fans and it was indeed one fun-filled session. For all those who missed the action, here are the excerpts:

Arjun Rampal : Hi This is Arjun Rampal
darshan : hello arjun sir... good to have u back...

sevda : so how was it shooting for Raajneeti?
Arjun Rampal : sevda...it was great...I think it shows in the film

Arjun Rampal : thank you so much arzooo

harshad : i am your big fan from Gujarat. How r you?
Arjun Rampal : hello harshad ..I am doing good. How r u doing?

Adi Adi : Arjun u rock in Raajneeti
Arjun Rampal : Thank you adi...Prithvi rocks

SEVDA : now that Raajneeti is doing well what are your views about the film?
Arjun Rampal : Sevda...my views abt the film are that its getting what it deserves...its a special movie

madhu : Hello Arjun ji Aap to real politician lag rahe hai Raajneeti mein
Arjun Rampal : chalo achchi baat hai...acting theek ki hogi

ayushi : kaisa laga katrina ke saath kaam karke?
Arjun Rampal : ayushi...katrina mere khayaal se is one of the most hardworking actors I have worked with. She is fantastic.

ayushi : u really look wow in Raajneeti... will u be playing any other role like this again?
Arjun Rampal : ayushii...i hope in my next film too you say "you r really wow in that too"...that's a character I played...I think I should move on now doing different roles.

Andrew : Arjun - Any plans of coming to the United States?
Arjun Rampal : andrew...not rite now...not in the near future but look fwd to it

ayushi : sir aapki upcoming film ke bare kuch kahenge?
Arjun Rampal : ayushi....my next film is the remake of Stepmom...woh bhi bahut khoobsurat film hai...its a complete family film...pls carry lot of tissues with you while watching that one.

V.k.Paswan : Arjun sir, how does it feel from Moksh to Raajneeti?
Arjun Rampal : vkpaswan...i've learnt a lot though there is a lot more to learn.

Adi Adi : Arjun will you guys be make Raajneeti part 2?
Arjun Rampal : Raajneeti ko pehle janta ke dil mein aur bahut din rehne do aur phir sochenge.

ayushi : sir which is ur fav holiday spot
Arjun Rampal : ayushi....I love London, NY and Paris

coolvijay : sir did you have to prepare with regards to your Hindi for Raajneeti as it projects you as a typical youth leader from the North?
Arjun Rampal : vijay...thank you so much...i guess all my days in Delhi and experiences from Jabalpur came in handy for this film...also increased my Hindi vocabulary during the shooting of this film.

sidharth : how different r u from the character you portray in Raajneeti?
Arjun Rampal : sid...I dont knw abt that ..I would just like to be remembered for my work.

jimmy : arjun sir what kind of dream role u want to play in Bollywood films?
Arjun Rampal : jimmy...my dream roles are the roles that I do like Joe in Rock On, or Prithvi in Raajneeti or Mukesh Mehra in OSO or Anna in Housefull...all these are dream roles for me.

yoyoguy : did u ever imagine that Raajneeti would take a great start at the box office?
Arjun Rampal : it was a big surprise to all of us that it opened as big as it did...I want to thank the fans and audiences from the bottom of my heart for such an overwhelming response.

V.k.Paswan : arjun sir, any plans to act in other language movies, mainly Bhojpuri...if Prakash jha approaches you?
Arjun Rampal : Paswanji...ha ha ha....I don't think Jha is going to make a Bhojpuri film but if he approaches me for one it will be tough for me to say No to him.

Andrew : Arjun - If you had one piece of advice for upcoming actors, what would it be?
Arjun Rampal : I think for any actor who wants to act they should have perseverance and do the job honestly and get into acting for the love of acting and not to become a star.

hey johney : Sir How was it working with such a mammoth cast?
Arjun Rampal : one word ...FANTASTIC

Adi Adi : In Raajneeti you've given a powerful performance u deserve a best actor award
Arjun Rampal : adi, thank you that's very flattering and hopefully you can be the judge at all the award functions and ill surely win then.
South Africa : hi arjun.. I'm from south africa....still remember your dil ka rishta shoot in cape town
Arjun Rampal : thank you so much. SA is very close to my heart ...I've done two films there and have got a lot of support from fans there.

Garima: I felt very sad when you died in Raajneeti...you shouldn't have died?
Arjun Rampal : garima....ok lot of people think that but that just shows your love for me...thank you...but that's just a movie...i am alive

rishabh : i am following u since moksha...n always was on ur side against d critics. I knew u had tht in u to succeed.
Arjun Rampal : rishabh...thank you so much cos people like you are my motivation and have kept me alive even thru my bad times...thanks a lot.

yoyoguy : wat r ur upcoming movies?
Arjun Rampal : yoyo...next is remake of Stepmom with Kajol and Kareena and 3 wonderful children. After that is one of the biggest films to hit the screen Ra.1

sidharth : my gf in 2004 had a huge crush on u... then u were struggling... now she must be happy
Arjun Rampal : sorry to u but lots of love to your gf

South Africa : Are you coming for soccer here in SA?
Arjun Rampal : no i am going for a holiday to Europe with family...will watch the soccer there

jimmy : arjun what if u were not an actor?
Arjun Rampal : very unhappy person

Arjun : Hi Arjun Rampal, 2 successive blockbusters Housefull n Raajneeti, Congrats! You rock !
Arjun Rampal : imagine how I've been feeling this whole month. its fantastic...thank you for the support and love...hopefully can keep it up.

sana85 : r u gonna direct another movie soon?
Arjun Rampal : sana, i have not directed a movie yet...no interest in direction ...there are many wonderful directors who id rather work with.

coolvijay : you wont believe it I'm in Melbourne and i saw Raajneeti movie 5 times in theater.
Arjun Rampal : vijay....wow...you ve got great taste ...with so many characters you can watch it another 5 times but thank you for your support and love...so happy you enjoyed it so much.

Mr TenStar : you have a good fanbase here in Singapore.
Arjun Rampal : i love Singapore...look fwd to coming there soon.

Rockstar : hello arjun sir how are you ? i am from Pakistan and your fan l like you in Raajneeti great movie
Arjun Rampal : Rockstar...thank you so much...salaam valekum

jimmy : how many children do u have?
Arjun Rampal : 2 daughters...Mahikaa and Myra

anupam : what makes u say RA1 will be the biggest thing to hit screen?
Arjun Rampal : anupam...that is what I pray for and I think we all are working towards it. More than hit or whatever it'll be a film you will love watching.

Adi: What's your favourite food?
Arjun Rampal : i love Japanese food

saifee : arjun sir while working in Raajneeti, do you ever felt that politics is good or bad?
Arjun Rampal : saifee...in every profession there is good or bad. But we should try to work more towards the good

Arjun : Arjun, 1 serious advice as a fan, don't go for offbeat movies, work in big budget commercial movies
Arjun Rampal : Arjun...i just work for the love of cinema

sidharth : how different it is to work with legend like Amitabh Bachchan?
Arjun Rampal : sidharth....there is a lot to learn from him...i've learnt a lot from him...no comparison to that experience.

LE PRINCE : what do u think of nana patekar role?
Arjun Rampal : I thought Nana was fantastic..we all had such a blast working with him

Andrew : Arjun - It is 5AM here in Miami so I will be going to work. But best of luck to you in the future!
Arjun Rampal : Andrew...thank you ...work on your tan in Miami

imran : hello its imran from Norway. just wanna say good work sir in Raajneeti. when r u coming to Norway?
Arjun Rampal : thank you imran...never been to Norway but sounds like an interesting place to visit

azhar : will u be in don 2?
Arjun Rampal : azhar...i dont knw.

khalid : hi arjun you are finally getting the success u richly deserved hi to mehr and ur betis
Arjun Rampal : khalid...thank you for your duas

rishabh : it takes a lot to stand for 10 years..hats off to ur efforts
Arjun Rampal : rishabh...i think when you have passion and love for something a lifetime is not enough

dhiry : hi arjun any plan for comic movie hereafter..
Arjun Rampal : id like to mix my bag with all kinds of movies and thats what ive been doing. Besides I like comedy too as laughter is the best medicine.

arpita29 : will you be coming to los angeles? i am dying to meet you!
Arjun Rampal : thank you very much...with so much pressure from all of you...will visit USA very soon

jimmy : sir is it true that rohit bal gave u a break first?
Arjun Rampal : its true...I started my modeling career thanks to Mr Rohit Bal

deepak : hi arjun..... i would love to see u in an action flick bro....
Arjun Rampal : deepak...as soon as i find the right script you will see me...i love action too

Maya_ : Arjun, please do come visit your craziest fans in Canada
Arjun Rampal : well Maya with so much pressure i am soon i will come soon

Arjun Rampal : I am not doing a film called Airport with Sunny Deol

saifee : arjun sir, if you were in politics in real life, what you gonna change for country as a whole?
Arjun Rampal : saifee...if i was in politics the one thing i would change is we would have more population control.

Arjun Rampal : Guys I would have loved to spend more time but I am on the sets of Ra.1 and my shot is ready so I need to rush now. I am working towards making more entertaining films for all of you. Thank you for your love and support.

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