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"I was madly in love with Juhi" - Imran Khan

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He started his career by doing a love story and becoming a dream boy for millions of girls worldwide. However, in his latest he declared, I Hate Luv Storys. Imran Khan, the official chocolate boy of Bollywood, is simply on a roll. At the chat, his fans couldn't stop declaring their love for him and Imran was extremely humbled. If you missed it, we have it on record for you right here.

Imran Khan: Hi guys

maanu: hey imran im from toronto big fannnn loved IHLS u did amazing best of luck in futuree
Imran Khan: thanks maanu

alessandra: What do you like about your character in IHLS?
Imran Khan: alessandra, I like how much fun the character was to play

fabi the fabulous: hi imran when will u come to california?
Imran Khan: fabi, no plans to come to Cali so far... but I will. I love LA.

Zainab B: Remember me? The girl with the letter at HR
Imran Khan: yes Zainab, I remember. And on twitter, and on IKf...

Dkhan: Hiiiiiiiiii, What do you think about new kind of Hindi movies like Love Sex Aur Dhokha, Kaminey
Imran Khan: Dkhan, LSD was brilliant. I really like Dibakar, personally as well as professionally

soofia: Imraan your soo awesoem i love you!
Imran Khan: Hi Soofia!

mohnish: any film with anushka sharma
Imran Khan: Sorry Mohnish, nothing on the cards so far.

Theophil: Remember how I told you on Twitter that I was gonna take my asian and aussie frens to IHLS?
Imran Khan: Yes, theophil, I remember... so did you?

towhid: whts it like 2 work with deepika ????
Imran Khan: towhid, Deepika is a very committed, hard working person. I like to work with people like that

mosad: we just been married for 20 days and now she is asking me to ask u if u would marry her ..?
Imran Khan: mosad, good luck with her... she sounds like a handful1

silina: which actress do u think the best in Bllywood????
Imran Khan: silina, I like Kareena, Priyanka, Konkokna...

soofia: I loved your film LUCK its amazing!
Imran Khan: thanks soofia! at least someone did!

muhammad khalid: how r u dear imran bhai am from pakistan
Imran Khan: Hi muhammad, thank you for joining us!

JYOTI_kaur: which city or part of mumbai do u like the most n why?? pls reply..
Imran Khan: Jyoti, I like my house best!

sunnymaliklondon: you didn really think those shirts were fugly ,, did you? they looked so nice lol
Imran Khan: come on sunny, some of them were pretty fugly...

trupti hinduja: hey imran what is d best moment of ur life?
Imran Khan: trupti, one of the best moments in my life was standing in the back of the cinema during the first day first show of Jaane Tu and hearing the audience cheering.

Imran Khan: nikita, I listen mostly to classic rock; beatles, bruce springsteen, led zepellin...

radhikaj: what age did u first had a crush on a girl?
Imran Khan: radhikaj, I started early... I was 5!

shailu30: Hi Imran, Would you ever Consider doing Vishal Bhardwaj movie?
Imran Khan: shailu30, I think Vishal Bhardwaj is one of the most exciting directors in the country, I would be honoured to work with him

aditya: which is ur favourite game
Imran Khan: aditya, I like to play xbox... prince of persia, splinter cell, halo...

soofia: LOL 5! Your so cute!
Imran Khan: thanks soofia!

Hassi: When is Delly Belly relasing? I am looking forward that movie.
Imran Khan: Hassi, Delhi Belly should release early next year

sonam: Imran, it would really make my day if I could get a birthday wish from you!
Imran Khan: Happy birthday sonam!

nzmate: hey imran. how did you find newzealand?
Imran Khan: nzmate, I just flew to australia and turned right!

rimsha_shafeeq: wat othr stuff r u into thn acting
Imran Khan: rimsha, I like to write.

fabi the fabulous: do you have ps3?
Imran Khan: no fabi, I only play xbox

Theophil: Choose one: IHLS or Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na?
Imran Khan: theophil, nothing can be as special as your first movie.

Dhiren Lakhwani: hello imraan wer r u ryt now?
Imran Khan: Dhiren, IO

shailu30: Imran I really love how Politcally aware you are and Your Concern for Enviromental Issues.
Imran Khan: thanks shailu. I feel that I should stand up for things that I believe in

Rachna: your biggest Bollywood crush when ou were a kid?
Imran Khan: rachna, I was madly in love with Juhi when I was a kid

Hileri: *Random* Do you ride bikes?
Imran Khan: Hileri, if you mean motorbikes, then no. Bicycles, yes.

Theophil: Is there anything that u miss from ur pre-actor days?
Imran Khan: theophil, I miss eating street food on the streets.

sushantv: today is my birthday plzzzzzzzzwish meee
Imran Khan: happy birthday sushant

neha goyal: when will break ke baad will relese
Imran Khan: neha goyal, break ke baad will release by november or december

Just_Yumna: Hey Imran... im getting my GCSE results next month... wish me luck... i worked my butt off!!
Imran Khan: good luck yumna

muhammad khalid: imran bahi i wanna see u in long hair any planes
Imran Khan: muhammad, if a role demands it, I will.

fairy: imran your crying in IHLS IS SOO CUTE
Imran Khan: thanks fairy, but it was supposed to be SAD!

Sandhya: Hey Imraan, U rocked in JTYJN, Luck, IHLS! Please wave for us fans in the camera with a smile...!
Imran Khan: a smile and wave for you all!

Rachna: nerdy question, but where did you go to school? as in country...
Imran Khan: rachna, I

samee: imran m a big fan of salman khan plz giv him big hi to my side plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Imran Khan: samee, I shall give him your wishes.

towhid: Do u have any pets ????
Imran Khan: towhid, I have two dogs and three cats!

Imran Khan: hi Bucha, and hello to Mariam too

monika: @Imran r u in facebook
Imran Khan: sorry monika, I mean @1mrankhan

Imran Khan: ok guys, I have to go record another interview now

Imran Khan: I will definitely do more live chats in the near future!

Imran Khan: Thank you all for your love, and thank you all for supporting IHLS

Imran Khan: See you soon!

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