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10 Brilliant Hollywood Movies Of 2015 You Must Watch

Written By: Chaitra
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As the year 2015 comes to an end, we decided to take you through a list of 10 Hollywood movies that made it really big worldwide and you must watch. No doubt, this year had some brilliant Hollywood movies for us.

Among all the Hollywood movies made till date, some were too good to be watched just once, and the others weren't even worth a watch. While the movies that fall in between acted as a mediocre factor and entertained us.

A movie is either highly appreciated or highly criticized. Though, the opinions vary from one critic to the other, the storyline or plot remains the same. Isn't that what actually matters? The kind of impact a movie has on us.

A while ago, we told you about Hollywood romantic movies that are just too beautiful to ignore. The year 2015 witnessed Hollywood movies from varied categories. There was action, romance drama, comedy, thriller, science fiction and many more.

Film-makers experimented with their movies. Be it from choosing a different set of cast to re-creating the old movie stories with new twists. One such movie was 'Boy Next Door' starring the singer Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez's acting in the movie was highly appreciated. The movie wasn't a super hit though. But the story had a raw touch added to it that made the movie stand a little different from the usual mainstream Hollywood movies.

Another movie with very high expectations was 'Minions'. After the 'Despicable Me' series, people globally fell madly in love with the Minions. But the character seemed bright in 'Despicable Me'. The movie 'Minions' failed to impress the viewers.

Another movie that failed to keep up to viewers' expectation was 'Furious 7'. Maybe the loss of Paul Walker overpowered the success of the final series of 'Fast & Furious'. The other not so great 2015 Hollywood movies include, 'The Walk' and 'San Andreas'.

But, don't you feel bad. Below is a list of 10 brilliant Hollywood movies of 2015 you must watch:

Mad Max Fury Road

If you're too bored with your usual routine and looking for something different, then 'Mad Max Fury Road' is the solution. The thriller action starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, takes you to a whole different realm.


Not many Hollywood movies have successfully merged technology with emotions. But 'Ex-Machina' is a science fiction thriller that has a successfully showcased how human emotions are affected by technology.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

The erotic romance movie based on the novel of the same name that created a lot of buzz, was equally appreciated and criticized. If you want to spice up your life, then do watch 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' based on BDSM.

Train Wreck

The comedian Amy Schumer rose to fame through her debut comedy film 'Train Wreck'. One of the best comedies of 2015 to just sit back and enjoy.

Hunger Games : Mockinjay

All the Hunger Games fans had not just one, but two treats this year. Mockinjay 1 and 2, starring Jennifer Lawrence released at two different times in 2015. You would want to watch it time and again.

Jurrasic World 3

High expectations were built around the movie 'Jurrasic World' and it sure impressed its fans. The latest series of the classic 'Jurrasic Park' was more realistic and thrilling with advanced technology and visuals.

Pitch Perfect 2

Who doesn't like Musicals or Rebel Wilson? Two and half hours of absolute entertainment, 'Pitch Perfect 2' was much more fun and bigger than the first part. A good chick flick to cherish your memories.


Though the Disney classic 'Cinderella' has been made into both animated and feature films many times, the one released in 2015 was just too beautiful and totally made us wait for our Prince Charming!

The Martian

'The Martian', starring Matt Damon, shows you some serious life hacks in case you get lost on another planet. The movie is beautifully shot and a perfect watch for all the space geeks and otherwise, too.

The Peanuts Movie

All the 'Peanuts' comic fans were quite anxious about 'The Peanuts Movie'. Re-created from Charles M. Schulz original comics, the movie showcased subtle use of technology and won millions of hearts worldwide.

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