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Read Some Of The Most Fascinating Facts About Johnny Depp

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There is no one in the hollywood bizz that doesn't know Depp's phenomenal growth over the years.

But did you know some of the interesting facts about Captain Jack Sparrow? Johnny Depp, the amazing actor that he is, has also an amazing private life too, here's a scoop of the facts that would make your heads turn!

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

1. He was a school dropout.

At the age of 12, his mother gifted him a guitar and since then he learnt to play and has performed at several garage bands, and eventually felt that he would make it big with that piece of wood and dropped out of school to join a band called, The Kids.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

2. He wanted to be a musician.

He moved to LA to make his dreams come true, and they did, but didn't stay for long before they struggled to gain any significant success. His first real job after moving to LA was, a salesman, not just any other salesman but a ballpoint pen salesman! Such has been the struggle to make it big in the show bizz.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

3. An unlikely helping hand!

Did you know that Johnny Depp featured in an 1984 classic Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, also known as Nightmare On Elm Street. Well, thanks to Nicolas Cage for introducing him to one of his agents for that tiny role that brought him to where he is today.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

Although his first real main stream character came when Tim Burton roped him in, to play the lead role of Edward Scissorhands (1990).

4. Depp never forgets!

In 2007, when Cage was having a financial meltdown, Depp offered to pay off Nick's debt as a token of gratitude for kick-starting his acting career.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

5. He was almost fired from The Pirates franchise!

During the shooting of the first movie of the pirates franchise, the producers of Disney couldn't quite understand Depp's interpretation and portayal of the quirky Captain Jack Sparrow as a result he was almost fired, but thankfully they gave it a go.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

Voila! It became an instant hit with the audience and since then Jack Sparrow has been the star of the show and the stealer of our hearts!

6. The secret behind the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp has been an avid follower of Rolling Stone's iconic lead guitarist Kieth Richards, so he took inspiration from him and also ensured that Kieth played as Depp's father in the franchise's third installment.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

7. Depp's fear!

If there's one thing that terrifies this eclectic actor, it is shaking his legs!. He said in an interview that he is terrified of dancing on his own, unless the film requires him to dance and if it has been choreographed prior to the shots.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

8. Greatest memento!

Appraisal of his role as a Native Indian in 2013 film The Lone Ranger, the Comanche Nation leaders awarded Depp, to be an honorary member of their tribe. He was so pleased with this gesture, that he even agreed to participate in their parade. He said in an interview that this was "probably the best memento" he could have ever received.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

9. Depp and the fossil!

How many of us are lucky to be named after something other than ourselves, Heck forget about the names, Johnny Depp's very first film as the lead role in Edward Scissorhands, had such an impact that a 505 million year old fossil that looked like the ancestor of modern day scorpion and lobsters, was named Kooteninchela deppi inspired by Edward Scissorhands where chela measn claws in Latin and deppi for the actor!

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

10. Depp's very own island!

He bought a yacht in 2008 and customised it to look like a mix of Jolly Roger and Black Pearl. His Island in Carribean is decorated with pirate flags and themes and one of its six beaches is named Gonzo, for Hunter S. Thompson.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp!

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