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Rakshit Shetty Episode Gets The Highest TRPs In Weekend With Ramesh Season 3

By: Lalithram
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Remember the Weekend With Ramesh episode in which Rakshit Shetty had been invited as the guest, to sit on the famed achiever's chair? Yes? Then you must also remember the dissent from the internet community saying that it was too soon for him to be on that seat, right?

The internet community was in a frenzy after Rakshit Shetty's episode. Some said that the show was losing its charm by inviting people who did not deserve to be seated on the achiever's chair, while others prodded the producers to get yesteryear talents rather than bring newbies on the show.

Many others had other divergent opinions but the only evident thing was that scores of people did not like that episode. Amidst the huge internet debate that was happening, it seems the only people who took advantage were the channel people.

Wondering how? Hilariously and ironically, Rakshit Shetty's episode got the highest TRPs for the third season of Weekend With Ramesh.

Read more to know how..

rakshit shetty in weekend with ramesh

Believe It..Or Not

Zee Kannada channel's Business Head Raghavendra Hunsur has said that Rakshit Shetty's episode was the highest TRP grosser in Weekend With Ramesh Season 3.

rakshit shetty in weekend with ramesh

Vexed Audience

"Rakshit Shetty is not eligible to sit on the achiever's seat this soon, he does not deserve it. We might have to watch other channels and series if you bring him on the show." This was the collective opinion of the audience before the show was aired on television.

rakshit shetty in weekend with ramesh

Dissatisfied Audience

Viewers and audience took to social media to express their exasperation and resentment. A few of the comments from annoyed people are shown here.

rakshit shetty in weekend with ramesh

Much Needed Clarification From Ramesh Aravind

The host of the show, Ramesh Aravind, started off the show by saying, "Just like how we felicitate the achievers on this show, it is equally important to encourage the upcoming talents as well. If we can congratulate and felicitate the achievers, why can we not wish luck to the people who are going to achieve?"

He further added, "Rakshit Shetty is an enormously talented person. At a young age, he has achieved a lot. He has finished one phase of his life successfully and definitely deserves a pat on the back!"

rakshit shetty in weekend with ramesh

Result Of The Internet Frenzy

Ultimately, even after all the fuss about that episode, it has got the highest TRPs. Many people argued that they would never watch the channel again, yet, they have been watching it till date. In the end, people at Zee Kannada did not lose anything and neither did Rakshit Shetty. The ones who lost were the same people who kept debating on social media platforms.

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