Hostel Huduguru Bekaggidare Director Speaks About Ramya's Case Against The Film Crew; Says 'Appu Is Watching'


Hostel Huduguru Bekaggidare Film Crew Vs Ramya: Today (July 21) Friday, the much awaited Kannada movie Hostel Huduguru Bekaggidare has been released. The first screening of the film has started today at 7 am at Viresh Cinemas in Bangalore.

Hostel Huduguru Bekaggidare has created good hype since the announcement. But actress Ramya sent a legal notice against the film team when there was only two days are left for the release of the film.

Ramya Demands One Crore

Alleging that the film crew used her videos and photos without her permission, Ramya demanded a compensation of one crore. Ramya's move caused a setback for the film team. There was a suspicion if this case would create a big problem for the film's release. But yesterday the court orderd that there is no delay in the release of the film Hostel Boys Wanted and there is no need to cut Ramya's scenes.

Thus, after winning against Ramya and getting the permission for the release, the entire team including the director and producer of the film Hostel Huduguru Bekaggidare, held a press conference. Speaking at this press conference, the director of the film, Nithin Krishnamurthy, shared his happiness that the film will be released as per the schedule.

Appu Is Watching Everything

Nithin said, "Whatever I do, I remember Appu sir first, I believe that he is watching all this. After getting the permission to release the film, we are going to screen the film that was censored by the censor board, no scene will be cut. I respect Ramya as a lady superstar, but I feel sad for this incident. This film has been done by thousands of artists for two and a half years.

While others have considered this controversy as a gimmick to get publicity for the film, it is not a gimmick, Ramya also clarified that she had actually given the complaint. Also, Nitin said that the notice was sent by mail two days ago and later it was sent to the house by post."


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