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Parichaya – Review

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Earlier, Sanjay K has directed the Kannada movie Hudugaata featuring Golden star Ganesh and Rekha in lead roles. The movie was successful at the Box Office. Now, he is come back with his next much-hyped and much-awaited movie Parichaya, which has already proved musically hit. But it comes as shock to the audiences as it lacks interesting story line.

Sanjay"s Hudugaata was a copy of It Happened One Night and his latest movie Parichaya brings the John Cusack-Kate Beckinsale starrer 2001 movie Serendipity, which has already inspired many Indian filmmakers. The movie seems to have borrowed heavily from Madhavan starrer Tamil movie JJ.

Parichaya is a youth-centric musical-love story and director Sanjay has cleverly used slices of modern life to adorn his love story. Jessy Gift"s trendy music, PKH Doss" cinematography and fantastic choreography remain as the highlight of the movie. But Sanjay"s half-baked script spoils the movie. The first half of the film is very interesting, but the second half is quite dragging and tests the patience of the audiences.

DJ Jayanth (Tarun Chandra) meets and BPO girl Nirmala (Rekha) on Valentine"s Day. Fate seemingly conspires to throw them together again and again. Smitten DJ asks her for her mobile number, but she departs saying if destiny wants them to be together they will meet again. The rest of the film deals with their search for each other.

Actor Tarun rocks in dance sequences, but remains pale in many sentimental sequences. He needs to learn expressions. And Dileep Raj"s dubbing work does not suit him. Rekha appears glamourous with her curly hair, but once again, she has failed to prove her mettle. Avinash and Shobharaj outshine the lead roles with their different dialogue delivery.

Although Parichaya irritates with its repetitive sequences, Jessie Gift"s musical score compensates the film"s mood. His youthful music to Kaviraj and Jayant Kaikini"s lyrics rocks the audiences. Especially, songs like 'Nadedaaduva Kaamanabille...", 'Jigi Jigi Jigidhu..." and 'Kudinotave..." will haunt the audiences even after they are out of the theatre. PHK Doss" camera work is another highlight of the movie.

In a nutshell, Parichaya has everything except an interesting storyline. It can be enjoyed once.

Producer: Krishnamurthy SG

Director: Sanjay

Cast: Tarun, Rekha, Shobharaj, Avinash, Chidanand, Master Anand and Monisha

Music: Jessie Gift

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