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      Namasthe Madam: Movie Review


      A good man and a lovable husband getting entrapped by another women, while the simple homely wife fight back to win her husband back. A story that brings into mind the several Hollywood and Bollywood movies. A remake of the Telugu movie Missamma, Namsathe Madam, is the story of a honey trapped man.

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      Srinagar Kitty plays a role of Nanda Gopal, loving husband and a career oriented man in a big corporation. His desire to become the MD of the corporation make him work harder and smarter. But his life take a complete turn when he meet Radhika (Ragini Dwivedi), the owner of the corporation. Even though Kitty is happily married to his beautiful wife Rukmini (Nikesha Patel), he is quickly trapped in the mind games Ragini plays on him.

      While Ragini forces Kitty to marry her, Nikesha fights back for her husband. Ragini starts mentally torturing Kitty and makes his life miserable to no visible reason. How does Kitty's misery come to an end and why Ragini goes to this extreme extent is revealed at the end.

      Ragini Dwivedi has tried her best to bring life in this movie. She has her moments in the movie as a maniacal boss. Nikesha Patel seems completely out of place in the movie. She is doing a role that is very alien to her and fail to convince herself as a house wife. The biggest let down in the movie is definitely Srinagar Kitty. At time his acting become overbearing. It feels like he is in uncharted water. Hard to believe it is the same Kitty of Bahuparak.

      The dubbing is poor. Cinematography is average and the camera work seem amateurish. First half of the movie has very poor screenplay. It is only in the second half that the movie picks up. Sadhu Kokila's part in the movie add no value to the plot except for annoying the viewers with the insipid jokes. Apart from a couple of songs, the music is uninspiring and the background score is very poor.

      Namasthe Madam seems more like a daily soap opera than an actual movie. Not worth the watch in a theater. Wait for it to come on television.

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