Bigg Boss Tamil 6: ADK Decrypts Vikraman's Tattoo Design


    A couple of days ago, the housemates were given the psychological task 'Aliens and Tribes'. Following this, the contestants were given their respective costumes and accessories. Along with that, they were provided with paints to paint themselves according to the task's theme.
    Accordingly, the aliens were seen in bright silver suits with wires and antennas as their headgear. The tribes were given costumes with animal prints and headbands.

    Bigg Boss Tamil 6: ADK Turns Into A Tattoo Artist

    ADK volunteered to paint his teammates with images that resembled tattoos.
    He was seen drawing a snake tattoo and a black panther for Vikraman yesterday while the team was getting ready.

    One cannot help but admire his drawing skills. The tattoo was drawn on Vikraman's hand. The snake image looked alert, curled up, and ready to pounce.
    In one of the clips from the live stream that went viral this morning, ADK was seen drawing tattoos on Azeem too.

    While painting it, ADK said to Azeem that he had drawn the snake tattoo for Vikraman with a hidden meaning.

    He went on to decode the tattoo, explaining that it represented the venomous housemates around him and served as a reminder to him to remain vigilant while playing the task.
    He, however, never explained whom he meant by "venomous snakes," making the fans wonder who it could be!

    Meanwhile, one of the contestants, Robert Master, who was evicted from the house recently, said in his first video after elimination that "Vikraman is there in the house only to point out other people's faults." He will keep waiting to find faults, and when he does, he will catch them and use the situation in his favor. "I will address my fans through interviews where I will explain in detail what all happened in the house."

    In the meantime, the results of the unofficial public voting conducted by the TamilGlitz channel are out.

    Accordingly, Myna Nandhini and Queency are in danger zones with the fewest votes. She received 9.07 percent of the total votes. Meanwhile, Myna Nandhini also received fewer votes, but slightly more than Queency (9.89%).

    We'll have to wait till tonight to see the fun-filled events unfold. The sixth season of Bigg Boss is being aired on Vijay Television from Monday to Friday between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., while on weekends, the show starts at 9:30 p.m. and goes on until 11:00 p.m. The reality show is also available on Disney+ Hotstar, an OTT platform.

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