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    Kannum Kannum-Review

    By By : Settu Shankar

    What is our culture? Youngsters, who are always searching girls with lust, must at least once see Kannum Kannum to know the meaning for this question! Kannum Kannum is surely a new as well as different attempt of the debutant director G Marimuthu, who impresses the viewers in many aspects through his neat script. Positive thinking, family sentiment and the values of relationship are the vital points of Marimuthu's script which works big time.

    Sathyamurthy (Prasanna) is a disciplined hard working young civil engineer in Chennai, who is grown up in an orphanage, and is also a poet. One day, he finds his poem appearing for a contest in a magazine under the name of a girl 'Senbagavalli'! Naturally he wants to meet that girl and before that he writes a letter to her after getting the address from the magazine office.

    Anandhi (Udayathara) is a college student in Kutralam, who writes poetry under the pen name Senbagavalli. She is the youngest in a family of a kind hearted father (Vijayakumar), four sisters and a loving brother Ashok (Harris), who is ready do anything for his sisters.

    Anandhi immediately responds Sathya's letter and later a deep friendship develops between them. As expected, friendship turns to love (without seeing each other's face) and one fine day Sathya goes to Kutralam to meet his poet lover.

    But without the knowledge of his arrival, Anandi is on the way goes for all India tour with her classmates. Here Sathya arrives to Kutralam and stays with his close friend Ashok brother of Anandhi's brother. He reveals him that he is in love with a girl from Kutralam, who is studying in a ladies college. Ashok tells him that his sister is also studying in the same college, but will be back only after 15 days and they can try to get Senbagavalli through her.

    Sathya is introduced as Murthy (as Ashok always call him) to the family members and impressed with the lovely, naughty attitude of Ashok's father and sisters. Soon he wins over the love and respect of all and they soon call him as Anna (as per the wish of Murthy). But in a sudden accident Ashok dies and his family requests Murthy to stay with them in the place of Ashok. Now Murthy also becomes part of the family and all the family members look upon him as their own blood relative brother. Aanadhi returns from the tour but she never convinces with Murthy's part in their family. She tells that Murthy is the reason for all the mess up in their life. But other members requests him not to be bothered by the immature girl's attitude.

    As brought up in an Orphanage, Murthy realizes the family values and importance of relationships. He conducts the marriages of all the 3 sisters (except Anandhi) and attends all the rituals of the family in the place of Ashok. The other blood relatives of the family also treat Murthy as the legal heir of the family. Later Murthy comes to know that Anadhi is none other than his Senbagavali, but keeps silenct to maintain his brotherhood status.

    One day Aanadhi also realizes that Murthy is her lover Sathya. But Sathya departs her life, which leads to a sensational and meaningful climax. It seems like almost all the viewers come out from the hall with tearful eyes after watching this wonderful climax.

    The script is the real hero of the film. Marimuthu deserves for all the complements for scripting a perfect family drama with very few cliches.

    Prasanna steals the show with his natural, flawless performance as Sathya as well as Murthy. He realizes the importance of his characters and plays the same with sensibility. His underplay wins the hearts of viewers and makes him as a promising performance oriented young actor. Keep it up Prasanna.

    Udayathara fails to attract the viewers in the role of Anandhi. Her artless face and sleepy eyes make everyone to curse the girl. In fact, her classmate friend in the campus looks more enthusiastic and colourful than Udhayathara.

    Harris, a tele-serial actor as Ashok is convincing and the Neeba and other two serial artists who don the sisters' role are really good. They make the feeling of watching a perfect Tamil family on screen. Vijayakumar is living like a typical Thenkasi Appa.

    The comedy portions of Vadivelu (also written by the director) are too good and enjoyable. Particularly in the last satirical scenes on the Govt projects are really meaningful and raise our eyebrows for the revolutionary thought of the director.

    Balasubramaniyam's camera has brought all those never seen before locations in Kutralam. Particularly the view from the terrace of the house near the famous Kutralam main falls is a visual treat.

    Though the lyrics of Vairamuthu are meaningful, the unfamiliar tunes and jarring music of Dhina force the viewers to go out and enjoy their smoking session.

    But the utopian style story and too much of feel good family sentiments are the downside points of the film. But surely they never disturb one from enjoying the movie.

    Kannum Kannum is surely a well written broucher to our rich family values and every youth must watch this fine movie to know or revive our own values. Congrats and welcome Marimuthu!

    Verdict - Don't miss it!
    Cast: Prasanna, Neeba, Harris, Vijayakumar, Rajesh, Sathanam, Udhayathara…
    Camera: Balasubramaniyam
    Lyrics: Vairamuthu
    Music: Dhina
    Producer: Mohan Radha for Screenplay Entertainments Ltd.,
    Script and Direction: G.Marimuthu

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