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Nivedita makes a comeback to Saat Phere

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Nivedita Bhattacharya
Nivedita Bhattacharya, who had taken a sabbatical from television for eleven months is now back in 'Saat Phere', again. She has been keeping busy with theater and other work. Her character of Jiji was extremely popular. She tells us about Jiji and more.

Q. You are back in 'Saat Phere'. Have you come back to create havoc in Saloni's life?
A. Since I am back, there must be a good reason. Whatever it is, it will add to the element of drama in the show.

Q. Is your character the same?
A. See, it was never an out and out positive character. It had shades of grey, when I left the show. It is too early to comment, so we will just take it as it comes. There will definitely be a few twists and turns, but the essence of Jiji will remain.

Q. We heard that you had taken an 11-month break to concentrate on theater.
A. (surprised) Eleven months! I was not counting. I was out of 'Saat Phere', but I was busy with some other stuff. I did not have time to myself when I was doing a daily. It was a deliberate move, taking this break. I completed my dancing classes, which I had left halfway. I did some theater work that was pending for some time, like Makrand Deshpande's 'Karodon Mein Ek', and Satyadev Dubey's 'Antigone' with Naseerudin Shah. Then I worked in a few films. I was out of 'Saat Phere', not out of acting.

Q. Will your look as Jiji remain the way it was earlier?
A. My look is already on air. It is slightly different from the earlier one. It cannot be drastically different, like I have got some plastic surgery done or something (laughs). The way of dressing has changed.

Q. Did you miss 'Saat Phere'?
A. I was in contact with the team throughout, and I went to every party related to the show. I was not on the sets, but I was in touch with everybody. I don't think I missed it much.

Q. Do you have a strong track now?
A. I am sure it will be a strong track.

Q. Your acting has always been appreciated. This show has given you a different identity. How do you feel about that?
A. Did it give me a different identity? The reason I do less work on television is that I look for good roles and characters that I think I can present differently. I chose the show, because I had not played a role like Jiji. I received positive feedback, and the experience with 'Saat Phere' has been good.

Q. What do you think makes the serial so popular?
A. I think it was the way it started. It dealt with the basic problems that someone with dark skin has, and all the twists and turns are to maintain the drama for the audience.

Q. Coming back must have been a reunion of sorts with old friends.
A. Yes, it will be. I have shooting for an independent track, and now I am waiting to shoot with them.

Q. Will we see you acting with your husband Kay Kay Menon soon?
A. That is something we will have to wait and watch for. There are no such plans at present.

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