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Bidaai's wedding make all cry

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Parul Chauhan
Parul Chauhan (Ragini) of 'Bidaai' is getting married on-screen and the actress was expectedly very thrilled about it. When she came to know that she was getting married, Parul was not only very excited, but was asking everyone right from the producer to the director regarding her bridal make-up, costume and all. The dress, accessories and the decoration for the marriage in the scene totally resemble the UP style - to reiterate the Agra base of the show.

The dress that she wore was so heavy that Parul found it extremely difficult even to stand. At the end of it, shooting for five consecutive nights, the actress was completely drained out and could very well identify with the plight of a real bride!

Maybe because of heavy costume and night shoots, Parul felt giddy right from day one of the entire schedule. She also fell unconscious a couple of times. Vibha Chibber, who's playing her on-screen mother, then tied a black thread on her wrist thinking that it would protect her from evil eyes because Parul was looking amazing in her bridal outfit.

Parul could feel the emotion that a girl goes through during her 'bidaai', it was something special. Especially because she herself being dark and not a conventional beauty - this is the main reason she thinks that she does justice to Ragini's character. Not only Parul, but even Vibha Chibber has faced this color issue many a times in her personal life.

When the actual marriage sequence was being shot, Parul cried without glycerin, all other artists (Alok Nath, Vibha Chibber, Amardeep Jha (Nani), Ashita Dhawan(Maalti), Sara Khan(Sadhna) were also in tears.

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