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"Reality show performers are the gladiators"- Mahesh Bhatt

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Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt would yet again be seen judging an upcoming reality show Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Kabhi Yaar, presented by Ekta Kapoor. The yesteryears" veteran director talks about this new dance based reality show and also speak out the controversies associated with these kinds of shows.

Q. What is the reason behind you judging this reality show?
A. First of all, India is a country of youngsters. We, after getting into a big position, start getting detached from our younger generations. So when these kinds of reality shows come and we see the youngsters showing their talents, there forms a kind of relation and connection with them.

Q. As a director what is your point of view on dance based reality shows?
A. Dancing and choreographing are both similar because dancing is a part of choreography. But the basic connection between them is the space and the chemistry between the two persons and until they perform well as a team, connecting to each other, the performance always looks bad. So my role will be to see and build the connectivity between the two persons.

Q. What will be your take away from the show?
A. My take away would be an exposure to 7 to 8 days of spears competition between the young television stars who have made their mark with their work in television. I think we can't remain wrapped up only with the world of cinema but will have to connect with the people of this country which is not more easily accessible. Television is the best medium of mass communication. I do not want to leave this very powerful root of communication.

Q. Reality shows are always under scanner of controversies, what is your take on it?
A. Something has to be understood and since it connects with the taste buds of the consumer it is in finding repetition in all kinds of media. I think the lines between the performer and the audience is not getting less. People want access into your life and the world has already become a wider place and they want to see what is going on in your life all the time. So I think these reality shows are catering to the widest need which is common in mass.

Q. Don't you think that everything is not real in reality shows?
A. Yes. There is a time structure which is not real and everyone is aware of it. But anything that is edited ceases to be real.

Q. What is entertainment then?
A. Entertainment is illusion. We are not into reality capturing business at all. We are marketing the illusion of it.

Q. Do film making and judging a reality show offer the same experience?
A. When you are making a serial you are in the process of giving instructions to the artists and the juniors, same is the way that you follow while making films. So there is no such radical difference between the set of television reality shows and imaginative set of films.

Q. It can't be denied that television is getting bigger but do you think it is getting better?
A. It is very hard to describe what is getting better. Everything is dependant on audience and their changing point of views. It has frozen to the reference of the by gone days and even creators are alarmed by what audience want from television. There is a young India where 55% of it is under 35 years. Somehow what is expected by the mass has been getting respectability. Today Akshay Kumar has earned a respect for himself in every one's eyes because he delivers in numbers. So the references of your culture have changed. What is commercially viable is respectable. I have no reason to sit down and pass judgement. You can't argue with success.

Q. How different is the show Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Kabhi Yaar from other reality shows?
A. The concept is the body of the show. I think that this is a medium which appeals to the cave man. The world has now become an Amphi-theater where you are the spectator and these reality show performers are the gladiators exposed to the lions. And the kind is sitting up there watching and enjoying grapes (laughs).

Q. Will you direct anything for the small screen?
A. No, I don't think so. But I have done that years ago by making the serial called Swabhimaan. It was 1200 episodes so I have had my belly dose and nothing else now. I think it is too alien domain for us.

Q. Why is it said that television stars cannot make it big with films?
A. Watch Shahrukh Khan.

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