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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2: Will Astha Accept Shlok's Proposal?

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In 15th October episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2, Niranjan and Anjali are shocked hearing what Shlok had to say and are extremely angry with him. Everyone congratulate Shlok and Astha.

Atul and Kalindi have a heated argument with Anjali and Niranjan. Both sides blame each other. While Atul thinks that Shlok said this against Astha's wish, Anjali taunts them saying that Astha has always dreamt big and was always behind Shlok. Niranjan is of the opinion that both are responsible for what happened.

When Shlok appears before them along with Astha, Kalindi is furious and takes Astha away with her. Niranjan question his son and Shlok in turn tells him that he did what he (Niranjan) asked him to do and takes his blessings.

Kalindi brings Astha to Ajju and tells Ajju about what Shlok did and how they got insulted. Atul is of the opinion that Astha will never be happy in that house. Kalindi questions Astha and asks her whether she never knew Shlok's feelings for her. Astha is speechless and remains silent. Shlok walks into their house along with Anjali and Niranjan. Everybody is shocked to see them.

Sojal tells her husband about what happened and says that she is pretty sure that Astha will never be happy in that house since Anjali hates her.

Niranjan apologises to Atul for Anjali's misbehaviour and Atul welcomes them in their house, but requests Atul to end the talk there. Niranjan says that they have come there to ask their daughter's hand for Shlok in marriage. Shlok says that he wants to speak to Astha in private. When the two are alone, he tells her that he said what she always wanted to hear. Astha in turn slaps Shlok on his face, which leaves Shlok smiling. He tells her that she can beat him as much as she wants but must tell him what's on her mind.

This is an emotional moment as Astha beats Shlok and then cries uncontrollably hugging Shlok. The two have a romantic moment together. The scene ends when Kalindi asks Astha to tell them her decision.

Stay tuned to know what Astha will say and how she will handle the situation in tonight's episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2.

Astha Beats Shlok

When Shlok meets Astha alone at her home, she is upset and beats him and starts weeping profusely.

Sojal Upset

Sojal is upset about what happened and thinks that Astha will not be happy in Shlok's house. She expresses her feeling to her husband.


Shlok has been trying hard to get Astha to acknowledge her love for him.


At the function, Shlok gets very close to Astha to find out what's on her mind.


Shlok is very sure of his feelings towards Astha and makes it very evident at all time.

Astha-Shlok Get Close

Though Shlok has always been very demonstrative in affection, Astha never quite accepted her love for him.

Shlok With Anjali, Astha

Anjali never liked Astha and always thought that she was trying to make a place for herself in her son's heart.


In one of the scenes, Astha is hurt and so Shlok holds her in his arms and brings her home.

Shlok Confesses His Love For Astha

Shlok Confesses His Love For Astha inn front of all the people gathered at the function.


It remains to be seen how the two will overcome the obstacles ahead.

Astha Keeps Silent

Astha keeps silent and is unable to confess her love for Shlok for a long time since she doesn't want to let her family down.

Shlok Loves Astha

Astha ultimately has to confess her affection for Shlok since he is persistent and knows what's on her mind.

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