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Pavitra Rishta: Arjun And Purvi’s Love Story Continues; Now Happily Married

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Pavitra Rishta's lovely pair Arjun and Purvi are called by their fans as Arvi. Purvi (Asha Negi), Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav's (Hiten Tejwani) adopted daughter is in love with Manav's boss' (DK) son Arjun Kirloskar (Rithvik Dhanjani). Their love gets complicated as Arjun is committed to Ovi who is Archana and Manav's biological daughter and also Arjun's close friend.

When Purvi gets to know the fact that Arjun is committed to her sister Ovi, she tries to back off. But Arjun doesn't want to as he feels he can't stay without Purvi's love. When Archana gets to know this, she puts Arjun in a test, where he has to prove himself that he can earn without his father's (DK) help. He proves and wins Archana's heart.

When all is set for Arvi's marriage, Ovi comes in between and says that she will accept Archana as her mother and will not make Manav (her father) not to divorce Archana, only if she doesn't marry Arjun. Which was like an agreement. Purvi, known for her sacrificing nature like her mother Archana, advices Arjun to marry Ovi and live happily.

Arjun, though not happy to marry Ovi, is forced to, because of Purvi and their love. He gets to know about the agreement that Ovi and Purvi made and gets furious. Manav gets angry and Archana is upset when they get to know the same.

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Purvi leaves Arjun, so that he can forget her and lead a happy life with Ovi. After few months, Ovi is shown pregnant with many complications. Arjun and Ovi appear to be a happy couple, but they aren't as Ovi constantly doubts Arjun, and keeps asking him if he has forgotten Purvi or not.

Puri-Onir, Ovi-Arjun

On the other side, Purvi will be in Kolkata, working in some school. She meets Onir Dutt, who is a renowned Gynaecologist. Onir falls for Purvi and proposes her. Though he comes to know that Purvi is pregnant, he marries Purvi and will be leading a happy life.

Ovi, Onir And Arjun

Due to several complications in pregnancy of Ovi, Arjun visits Kolkata where he has to meet the only doctor, Onir, who can treat Ovi.

Arjun-Purvi In Kolkata

Arjun while travelling to Kolkata remembers his love Purvi. They had together come to Kolkata on a business meet.

Arjun In Onir's Clinic

Arjun sees Purvi, but when he was about to reach her, he meets with an accident, which takes him to Onir's clinic.

Purvi, Onir And Archana

Arjun later gets to know that Purvi is married to Onir and mistakes that she is pregnant with Onir's child. Archana is shocked to know all these. (Archana will not be in touch with Purvi for long time.) Ovi comes to know about Purvi and again misunderstands Arjun, thinking that he is having an affair with Purvi.

Purvi, Onir And Ovi

Ovi denies Onir's treatment and returns to Mumbai. Onir, on the other hand, denies treating Ovi, because of her strange behaviour. It is only after Purvi saying the fact that she is her sister, he agrees for the treatment and both go to Mumbai.


Onir comes to know that Purvi is pregnant with Arjun's child, which was the main reason for Purvi to leave Mumbai. She still loves Arjun and she married Onir only to give her child father's name.


Later, Ovi turns good after seeing Onir accepting Purvi, and so Ovi also decides to move on with Arjun and their baby.

Arjun-Ovi And Onir-Purvi

Arjun-Ovi and Onir-Purvi meet with an accident, where Ovi loses her baby and Purvi delivers a girl. Onir on Purvi's request changes babies, which creates lots of trouble to Onir, but he overcome all troubles.

Purvi's Baby Pari

When Ovi comes to know that the baby (Pari) is of Purvi and Arjun, she doesn't accept the baby and gets deeply hurt. The family is also shocked with this.

Ovi To Divore Arjun

Ovi wants to divorce Arjun and she goes to Canada. Arjun tries to convince Ovi on Purvi's request, but she doesn't agree.


On the other hand, Onir comes to know that both Arjun and Purvi love each other. So he decides to do a drama.

Onir's Plan

Onir says that he is married before he got married to Purvi. This drama makes Onir and Purvi separate.

Onir Successful

Slowly, the plan Onir made was getting successful. He sees Arjun and Purvi close. When Arjun wanted Purvi, she helps him personally and professionally.

Arjun Proposes Purvi

Everyone in the family decide to marry Arjun and Purvi. Arjun ones again proposes Purvi and she agrees. All are happy with the preparations.

Arjun Comes To Know About Onir's Plan

Ovi gets to know about Onir's plan and helps him. Also, Arjun gets to know through Ovi that Onir is not wrong and he did all these to make Purvi close to him. Arjun is in dilemma.

Ovi And Onir

Ovi says to Onir that Arjun found out the truth and she is scared that he might tell everything to Purvi. Onir decides to leave the country and to go to Canada. Arjun wants to tell all these to Purvi.

Marriage Rituals Start

The rituals start, and Arjun and Purvi exchange garlands. Everyone is very happy, except Arjun. Arjun gets up and says that this marriage can't happen. He says Purvi that he wants to speak to her. Arjun shows Onir's letter to Purvi and she is shocked.

Finally, Arjun-Purvi Get Married

Arjun and Purvi reach airport and meet Onir. Onir convinces them to get married and both are back to mantap. They marry and all are happy.

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