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Jana Na Dil Se Door: Vividha & Atharv Join Hands To Find Guddi’s Murderer; Did Bhoomi Kill Guddi?

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In Jana Na Dil Se Door, Guddi's mysterious death remains to be solved by Vividha. It has to be recalled that Guddi died after falling off the staircase. While Vividha believes that someone might have killed her, Ravish (Shashank Vyas) and her family members think, Guddi's death might just be an accident.

Uma and Vividha are shattered with Guddi's death. Vividha doesn't have food thinking of Guddi, while Ravish and Suman try to console her. Ravish also promises her that whoever it might be, he will definitely punish the person, who has killed Guddi.


Vividha reveals about Aditi and Avinash's affair, that shocks the family members. Vividha also accuses Aditi of killing Guddi.

Aditi & Avinash's Affair

The family members are shocked with the revelation and questions Aditi. Ravish too, is shocked as Vividha shows them Aditi and Avinash's pictures.


Aditi cries and tells the family members that she has done a mistake by hiding her love. She also adds that Vividha is right, as Guddi and she had a fight the night that she died, but has not killed Guddi.

Ravish Supports Aditi

Ravish supports her sister, while Vividha asks him not to support her and to punish her as he had promised. Suman and Ravish promise Vividha that they will not hide the criminal and will punish them, but they believe that Aditi is innocent.

Aditi Apologises To Vividha

Aditi apologises to Vividha, while the latter accepts and asks her to help find her sister's murderer. She gets the scarf and questions about the cat's fur on the scarf.

Vividha Asks Aditi About The Scarf

Aditi reveals that the scarf is not hers. It was borrowed from Bhoomi. Vividha is shocked and starts thinking about Bhoomi.


In the upcoming episodes, Vividha would watch Atharv drawing and questions him about the same. Atharv tells about how Bhoomi was overhearing Vipul and Guddi's conversation.


Atharv says that Bhoomi had a knife in her hand and was staring at Guddi. It is quite possible that Bhoomi might have killed Guddi. Read on to know why we feel so...


It has to be recalled that Guddi would be worried that she might have to leave the house, as Vividha gets to know that Guddi loves Ravish. Vipul gets to know that Guddi is leaving the next day and goes to meet her.


Bhoomi would overhear Vipul and Guddi's conversation, where Vipul says that he is worried that she would leave the house the next day. He would also tell Guddi that, they will meet late in the night.

Did Bhoomi Kill Guddi?

Bhoomi fumes and walks away. There is a possibility that Bhoomi might have misunderstood their conversation. Thinking her husband is having an affair with Guddi, and she might have killed her!

Story So Far...
Vividha asks Ravish to get ready to punish the person, as she doubts his sister, Aditi. It has to be recalled that Atharv had seen a black cat at the death spot.

Aditi would be speaking to her boyfriend Avinash, who asks her about the previous night's problem. Aditi decides to meet him and speak to him. Sensing someone apporaching the place, she leaves, while Vividha gets Aditi's scarf.

Meanwhile, Atharv and Vividha watch Aditi going out and follow her. Aditi meets Avinash, and Vividha overhears their conversation. Aditi tells Avinash that she had a fight with Guddi as she got to know about their affair. After which, Guddi died and her phone also went missing.

Avinash helps Aditi to find her mobile that had fallen down in the hall, but Aditi will be caught by Vividha!

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