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Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Pragya’s Struggle Continues; Abhi To Propose Tanu!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya (Sriti Jha) has lost her job and is in search of a new job. Pragya reveals to Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) that she is in need of money and wants a job. Abhi decides to help Pragya in finding her a job and schedules a few interviews. But Pragya doesn't take up the interview in a construction office, and reveals to Abhi that she likes music company and is not interested in any other industry!

Abhi then decides to appoint Pragya as his secretary. Meanwhile, Alia plans to reunite Tanu and Abhi. Alia and Tanu are unaware that Pragya is still in touch with Abhi, even after quitting the job! (Check Out The Latest Updates & Spoilers With Pictures)

Abhi Gets Pragya Home!

Abhi gets Pragya home and the family members will be shocked to see her back in the Mehra house. Abhi introduces Pragya as ‘hawa hawai' - Nikita. Dadi is shocked as well as upset with Pragya.

Nikita Aka Pragya Is Abhi's Secretary!

Abhi announces that Pragya aka Nikita will be his secretary and taking care of his work. He praises Pragya and her work. Dadi is upset with Pragya that the latter didn't reveal that she was in touch with Abhi.

Alia Shocked

Alia and Tanu are shocked to see Pragya in the Mehra house. They feel that even after insulting and separating Pragya from Abhi, the duo is getting closer with each passing day! They also feel that their plans would fail again!


Alia shouts at Abhi saying Pragya is not a right person for the post. She even suggests that she will take interview of the suitable candidates and give her the best secretary!

Abhi Argues With Alia

But, Abhi argues with Alia. He also tells her that he knows Alia hates Pragya. But he says that he is impressed with her work. She is obedient and that's what he wants!


At the house, Abhi will be shocked as Pragya knows where his things are kept. Dadi will also be joining hands with Pragya to help her to reunite with Abhi.

Tanu's Party

In the upcoming episodes, Tanu will throw a party and invites Abhi, who gets drunk excessively. Apparently, he misbehaves with Tanu, which becomes an issue, as media would be present at the party.

Alia Plays Her Card

Alia plays her card and asks Abhi to propose Tanu, which is only the way to get the respect back! Well, as usual ‘bola bala' Abhi, in inebriated state, would propose Tanu, leaving Pragya in shock and heartbroken.

Abhi Expresses His Love For Pragya

There are also spoilers that suggest that Abhi would get drunk at the party and express his love for Pragya in an inebriated state.

Abhi Drunk

Pragya would take care of Abhi. She helps him reach home. She also puts Abhi to rest in his room. It is then Abhi would confess his love to her!

Story So Far...
Abhi, Alia and Tanu will be enjoying in the restaurant, when Mr Sehgal (producer) wishes Abhi. The producer asks about Abhi's wife, which shocks the latter.

Alia interferes and asks the producer to shut up, while Abhi starts thinking about his marriage. She lies to Abhi that the producer is not in the industry and is in trauma. Alia also makes the producer act, so that Abhi doesn't doubt her!

Meanwhile, Tanu is concerned about her relationship with Abhi and eager to reunite with them. Alia, in usual, in bossy way, asks Tanu to stop her nonsense.

Alia brings Tanu home and asks the family members to accept her again! Dadi argues with Alia, but the latter dominates, with her argument. She reveals that like Abhi has forgotten about Alia's mistake, he doesn't even remember about Tanu as well.

Dadi and other family members accept Alia and Tanu because of Abhi!

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