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Jana Na Dil Se Door MAJOR TWIST: OMG! Atharv To Go Missing Again; Vividha-Ravish To Separate!

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Although Star Plus' show Jana Na Dil Se Door has not made it to the TRP charts, the show is popular among the audiences. The unique story and suspense on the show have kept the viewers glued to the television screen.

The upcoming twist on the show will shock Vividha, Atharv and Ravish's (Shashank Vyas) fans. According to the latest spoiler, Atharv goes missing! Also, there are spoilers that suggest that Vividha and Ravish would part ways! Read on to know the complete story...

Dada ji

As we all know, Dada ji (Daddy ji) doesn't want Atharv in Ravish and Suman's lives. In the previous episode, he had also admitted that he was the one who was trying to harm Atharv.

Dada Ji Hurts Vividha

Dada ji makes Vividha unconscious and drives to an unknown place. Atharv is in the same car, hidden in the trunk. He tries to come out, but gets hurt as the trunk gets closed.

Dada Ji Pushes Atharv In The River!

Dada ji tries to kill Vividha, but Atharv comes in between. He tries to stop Dada ji and save Vividha. But, Dada ji hits Atharv on his head and pushes him in the river.

Ravish Gets Dada Ji Arrested!

Ravish gets information about the taxi driver and locate the car. He takes the police along to the place. Ravish will be shocked to know about Atharv. He gets Dada ji arrested.

Atharv Goes Missing!

The police tries to find Atharv, but in vain. They give up hope and declare Atharv dead. It has to be recalled that previously, Atharv was hit on his head by Vividha's brother on Kailash's orders, after which Vividha got married to Ravish, and Atharv went missing. They thought Atharv was dead.

Ravish & Atharv

Now, again Atharv will be presumed to be dead. Ravish, being Atharv's step brother, will even perform Atharv's final rites!


But, like always, Vividha feels that her love Atharv is alive and will be back soon. Even Atharv's mother, Sujatha feels that Atharv is alive.

Vividha-Ravish To Part Ways

Now that everyone in the Vashisht house knows that Vividha doesn't love Ravish, Vividha decides to part ways. She reveals the same to Ravish, who agrees.

Vividha & Sujatha

Vividha will decide to stay with Sujatha and both hope to see Atharv back soon. Is Atharv alive? Will he come back to support Vividha? Will Ravish be able to forget Vividha, as he too, loves her? Stay locked to this space to get the latest updates...

Story So Far...

In the previous episode, we saw how Dada ji (Daddy ji) confesses his crimes to Vividha. He reveals how he tried to kill Atharv. But he is disappointed that every time someone or the other saved him. He is also angry at Vividha as she became his shield and protected him.

When Vividha tries to stop Dada ji by telling that Atharv is also his grandson, Dada ji refuses to accept him. He tells Vividha that Atharv is Ramakant's illegitimate son and will never accept him as his grandson.

He also reveals that when he got to know about Ramakanth's will, he was upset and didn't want Suman and Ravish's lives to be ruined by Sujatha or Atharv. Since, now they got to know about Vividha and Atharv's relationship, Dada ji is even ready to kill Vividha.

At the Vashisht house, Ravish is worried as Atharv and Vividha go missing. Chutki reveals how Atharv hid himself in the trunk and went along with Vividha.

Ravish gets the details of the taxi driver. He gets to know that Vividha went to the farmhouse. Sujatha and Suman wonder as to why Vividha went to the farmhouse without telling them at odd hours!

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