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      Bigg Boss 13 Day 9 Live Updates: 'Roti Vs Chawal' Divides Bigg Boss House


      11:37 - Preview for the next episode shows female contestants upping their game to survive in the game.

      11:35 - Shehnaaz gets very upset that the person she trusted the most betrayed her.

      11:32 - Paras gets the key and rescues Dalljiet. Dalljiet takes Shehnaaz's pot and breaks it. Shehnaaz remarks, 'Dilwala broke my heart twice'.

      11:19 - Bigg Boss announces the second task of the week - 'Rano No 1'. All the ladies are kept in a dungeon, as Bigg Boss' queens. The boys are guards, who get a chance to save a queen at the sound of the drumroll, by grabbing a key. When a queen is rescued, she can pick up a pot of her opponent, who she thinks is not well suited to be queen, and throw it in the pool, explaining why.

      11:06 - Koena and Rashami discuss Sidharth's arrogance. Koena says he has 'zero integrity'. Sidharth over hears that and tells them off.

      11:02 - Rashami and Sidharth start screaming at each other about the 'kitchen debate'.

      11:00 - Everyone starts picking on Asim for not doing his bathroom duties well enough.

      10:58 - Devoleena requests everyone to not interfere with her kitchen duties, the way she doesn't interfere or comment on others' duties.

      10:54 - Koena defends Devoleena in the kitchen duty fight. Shehnaaz backs Sidharth.

      10:50 - Devoleena tells Bigg Boss that the boys should get kitchen duties. She feels all of her day goes in cooking for everyone at odd timings. She gets upset about it and starts crying.

      10:47 - Inmates start discussing whether they should cook more rotis or rice. Sidharth wants rotis and rice to be part of their diet everyday.

      10:44 - Paras snuggles with Shehnaaz, and discusses whether to be friends or be in a relationship.

      10:42 - Shehnaaz imitates Koena behind her back.

      10:39 - Koena is disturbed about Asim asking her to comment on his body. She wonders 'what she is doing there'.

      10:37 - Bigg Boss announces that the 'Bed Friends' are no more tied together, and the contestants are free to choose their own bed friends. The contestants are super happy, and start discussing whom they want to bunk with.

      10:35 - Rashami tells Koena that they were just making fun of Paras when she was being nominated. Koena tells her that they celebrated when she was nominated. Rashami denies this. Devoleena agrees with her.

      10:32 - Koena is upset about contestants' reaction when she got nominated for elimination. She feels most of them are fake and they wanted her to get nominated. Dalljiet tells her that she is wrong.

      Bigg Boss 13 witnessed its second nomination on last night's episode, although no one got eliminated on the first nomination. The nomination went more or less smoothly, but we saw tensions sparking between some contestants, such as Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla among others.

      Going by the preview of day 9, we can expect some major argument between Sidharth and Rashami and Devoleena. Tonight, we will also see Bigg Boss 13's first 'Queen of the house'. Stay tuned to our live updates!

      Bigg Boss 13 Day 9 Live: Kitchen Duty Fight Escalates
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