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Doli Armaanon Ki: 16th December Written Episode

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Doli Armaanon Ki starts with Trisha being upset about Samrat again and is even tensed that how would Urmi lead her life with such a man. She plans to stop the marriage at any cost. She tries waking up Urmi but Urmi is in deep sleep and does not get up. Urni's sister Anu then tells her to talk to Urmi the next morning.

Urmi's house is busy with the happenings around. Samrat's mother sends rose water for Urmi and everyone is happy seeing that. Samrat's mother then calls Urmi's mother and tells her to forget all that has happened, Urmi's mother unwillingly agrees to it and says that she too wants to forget the whole thing and wants to send her daughter happily to their place.

Trisha enters Urmi's room to talk to her but she is unable to do so as Dadi comes in between and tells her that she needs to take Urmi immediately to the temple and pray to the god so that there is nothing bad that happens again in the marriage period.

In the temple Urmi, Trisha and Anu see Ishaan and Samrat coming on the way. On one side Urmi is happy seeing Samrat where as Trisha is giving deadly looks to him. Samrat taunts at Trisha saying that at least someday she should smile seeing him. Ishaan changes the topic and tells that Samrat and Urmi should now be alone and enjoy this meeting.

Samrat and Urmi leave the premises and start walking down the lane. They both encounter a light romantic moment. Urmi starts telling him about how a husband and wife should be and what are the necessities to it. Samrat catches hold of her hand and corners her. Urmi is shocked and shy with this attitude of Samrat.

Urmi Aka Neha Marda

Urmi is happy seeing the rose water brought from Samrat's place.

Urmi Family

Urmi's family is busy in the festive mood.

Samrat's Family

Samrat's mother calls and asks Urmi's mother to forget all that has happened.


Urmi's bhabhi and masi would enjoy the most.


Samrat's friend Ishaan would be playing the savior for Urmi always.

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