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Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera: November 26th Written Episode

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Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera starts with Arjun aiming at the apple he had forced Veera to keep on her head. Veera pleads Arjun to aim quickly at the apple as there is just a few minutes left to seven and she had to talk to her brother Ranveer. Arjun assures Veera of not getting scared, the moment he aims the phone starts ringing. Veera takes the phone from Arjun and starts talking to her brother Ranveer.

While Veera is running out of the boys hostel, the warden sees her and is shocked to find that there was a girl in the boys hostel. Ranveer asks Veera to come back home soon as he misses her a lot. He passes over the phone to Ratan, and Veera asks her that while coming back from Delhi what should she get for her.

Warden tries to catch Veera, but he is unable to do so. Veera tells the warden about the whole scenario and adds that she cannot live without talking to her brother. Arjun is asked by the warden to go and drop Veera back.

Ratan enquires about the land from Ranveer as she knows that Surjit Singh would not give it back to them. On the way back, Arjun sees Veera staring at a plane, then he asks her the reason for her staring at the plane for such a long time. Veera tells Arjun that she wants to fly high and travel all over the world. If there is any place she would like a lot she would prefer settling down there along with her family.

Ranveer goes to the Gurudwara where he meets the priest. The priest asks him about not eating the prasad today as he always ate both the portions given to him. Ranveer tells the priest that he is saving the prasad today for Veera as he would be meeting her.

Veera gets a call from Ranveer, she tells him to wear the same kurta she had gifted him and also get fani which her friends are very fond of. Chaiji tells Ranveer that now Veera would have become a big grown up girl, Ranveer disagrees to it and says that for him she would always remain his little sister. This conversation is interrupted by Balveer who comes and tells Ranveer that his mother will not be able to make fani for Veera. Ranveer is disappointed, but later agrees to make fani on his own for his sister.

Veera is seen buying shawl for her Biji and asks Karan to tell which would suit her Biji the best. Ratan comes and tells Ranveer that she will make the fani and he can go pack the other stuff for her. Ranveer is happy knowing this and tells that Veera would be glad to eat the fani made by her, Ratan tells him that he should not tell Veera that this fani is made by her.

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