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Chandrahas Review

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Monday, July 02, 2007
Keeravani's father Sivashakti Datta is well known among film circles and the film lovers as a good lyricist. With several technicians already turning directors, he also wanted to try his hand in direction. With the help of an NRI producer, who also had an interest in producing films, Datta's urge to direct a film came out like Chandrahas.

The story of the film is beyond logic. Though it was claimed a socio-fantasy movie, it has no fantasy in it at all. There is a lot of graphic work in the film. Wires have been used extensively in action scenes in the film. The producer spent money a lot on the film.

Sivaji (Haranath) is brought up by his mother by telling him the story about Chandrahas. Chandrahas is the name of the sword given to Maratha warrior Chattrapati Sivaji (played by Krishna) by Tulja Bhavani. Hero Sivaji is one of the heirs of the sword.

In order to fulfill his mother's ambition to fetch the Chandrahas, he joins the archaeology department and begins a search for the sword. Sivaji is assisted by Apsara (Astha Singhal), who is a archeological script-reading expert. She helps Sivaji figure out that Chandrahas is at Vijayagadh. Parellely, a group of Muslim terrorists are out to wage war in the name of Islam (Jihad). They are led by Liaqat Ali Khan (Puneet Issar).

Firoj (Abbas) is Sivaji's childhood friend. Both their fathers - Gaffar and Chattrapati - too are friends. Sohail (Ravi Prakash) approaches Gaffar proposing to marry his daughter. Sivaji comes to get the sword at Vijayagadh when he is attacked by Liaqat's brother Asad (Satya Prakash). He wins the battle over Asad and takes the sword.

Once he has the sword (which can kill a hundred people at once) in his hand, he attacks Sohail by mistake. This causes a rift in the 40-year-old friendship between his family and Firoj's family. To patch things up, his mothers asks him to return the sword to Tulja Bhavani. Sohail kills Gaffar realizing that he is a traitor. Firoj's sister is the only witness to this murder. While everybody else thinks that Shivaji did it, Firoz's sister is the only one who knows who really did it.

In order to get Chandrahas back, Liaqat kidnaps Apsara's mother and asks for the sword as ransom. Sivaji fights Liaqat and brings peace to the country. After all is well, Sivaji returns the sword to Bhavani Mata. Firoz in order to avenge his fathers death stabs Sivaji. Later he finds out that it was nor Sivaji and reconciles with him.

Plus Points:
Super Star Krishna in the Sivaji's attire is a feat for the eyes. He proved that he is still a Super Star even now with his performance in Chandrahas. Though his screen presence was limited to a single scene that lasts a few minutes, it is worth watching. His style, his body language and acting talents are very much intact even if he is not seen regularly on the screen these days.

Astha Singhal is another attraction in the film, her glamour, sizzling beauty and sensuous exposing during songs is one of the films highlights. The films music by MM Keeravani is just okay. Dialogues are good here and there. One dialogue that is a big hit among audiences is 'I am a Musalman when I am doing Namaz and a Hindustani after that...

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