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Village Lo Vinayakudu – Review

By: Sub-title: Krishnudu tickled funny bone again
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At a time, when everyone is looking for mass entertainers with lots of action with loud music, the Nandi award winner for debutant direction Saikumar Adavi has chosen to bring out a family entertainer. Probably, he was inspired with the success of Bommarillu kind of films, which were interlaced with family thread. Mahankali Rakesh @ Mahi, who planned to produce a hilarious entertainer penned a sequel to Vinayakudu and asked the director to wield the megaphone again for this sequel. While the first version had the urban backdrop, the latest version has been made with rural backdrop.

Kavya (Saranya Mohan) is the only daughter of Colonel Lakshmipati (Rao Ramesh). She pursues her medicine course in Hyderabad. Karthik (Krishnudu) is her boyfriend. She falls in love with him after seeing his outspoken behaviour, helping nature and innocence. Instead of becoming an engineer, he settles as a kindergarten teacher as he loves children.

Kavya returns to her village and tells the other members of the family about her love but only hides the fact that Karthik is a fatty. He goes straight to Lakshmipati and reveals his love towards Kavya. What happens next will form the climax.

PERFORMANCE: Krishnudu has done a perfect and neat job as a hero. He has maintained the stardom he earned with his successful film 'Vinayakudu" earlier. In fact, he has taken the entire responsibility to run the show. He shows perfect maturity in performance. His body language, his innocent facial expressions, his experience as a comedy artiste while playing the side kicks of heroes in his earlier films, helped him a lot in this movie. He also shows good ease in family sentiment scenes.

Saranya Mohan is the only draw back in the film. She has failed to suit the hero and the chemistry between the hero and heroine did not match properly. Sonia, who has played heroine opposite him in Vinayakudu, at least had a little good physique than Saranya. Her bubbly, charming and childish face really turned drawbacks for the film. However, her performance is okay in the film. Her facial expressions, body language are adequate.

Another notable performer in the film is Rao Ramesh. He has proved a synonym to Prakash Raj as Rao Ramesh"s characterisation reminds the audiences of the great actor. He has showed good ease in the role. Yandamuri Virendranath has played a full length role for the first time and he is okay in his character.

TECHNICAL: Behind the camera, the cinematography by Rams is the highlight of the film. The cinematographer perfectly captures the village atmosphere and elevates many scenes with his magical eye. Music by Manikant Kadri is also quite melodious and all the songs are good to listen. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is adequate.

It was the screenplay by the director Kirankumar, which has done wonder in the film. The gripping screenplay makes the audiences sit tight to the seats without feeling any boredom. The song idea of animated comedy characters like Superman, Spiderman and Batman with the hero"s facial similarities are hilarious and made it enjoyable for children and family audiences.

The director has etched all the characters with precision and none of the character appears waste. The best part of the film is decent situational comedy. The director has once again proved that he could bring out a nice and healthy comedy entertainer for the viewing of the entire family. The selection of Rajole for the film is one of the best choices of the director.

ANALYSIS: The film would definitely go well with family audiences and have many chances to prove a hit film, provided it gets good publicity through mouth-talk. Once the film gets a good mouth-talk publicity, definitely the film could ring the box office with family audiences. The healthy comedy and non-stop entertainment, coupled with the family sentiment thread worked out well. The absence of mass elements may have a little negative impact on the commercial success of the film. However, the film is a wholesome entertainer and a decent watch for the entire family.

Cast: Krishnudu, Saranya Mohan, Yandamuri Virendranath, Rao Ramesh, Dr Bharat Reddy, Jogi Naidu and others.

Credits: Story – Mahi, Music – Manikanth Kadri, Lyrics – Vanamali, Cinematography – Rams, Editing – Marthand K Venkatesh, Producers – Mahi, Saikiran Adavi, Screenplay, direction – Saikiran Adavi

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Released on: November 5, 2009

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