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"I have blind faith on my mother": Govinda

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You weren't miserly with your love ever?
Every one should stay in bonding, but if you live your life freely, you will get both good and bad experiences, and these are useful.

These days, what experiences are you taking advantage of?
I think of the experiences I got before and that satisfies me.

Do you get heart-broken by the comings and goings of those you love deeply or do you move on?
Comings and goings are momentary. Your family, friends and people in your social circle are with you. Sometimes things work out sometimes they don't but I don't carry the weight of these things with me. I am not that kind of a coolie.

Many of your films like Coolie No. 1, Hero No.1 were big hits. Didn't you ever have the impression/belief that you are number one?
A person, who emerges after struggle, has an unwanted pressure on him. That was the case with me and so I never thought that I am number one. This was to my advantage also - I kept learning from my co-stars and slowly reached where I have today.

Another song of your choice?
'Badan pe sitare lapte hue...'

Sing it for us.
No, I'll sing it if you invite me with the payment for it.

Next time we'll have to invite you with payment?
Have I made a mistake? I always say that only two people can scold me - one is biwi [wife] and the other is BBC.

I see both John Travolta and Michael Jackson's image in you. Are inspired by them?
Absolutely. You must keep taking inspiration.

I recently saw you dance in a programme - it was very good.
Yes, people praised it a lot. I danced to songs from my films. When we were kids, we used to copy big artists, and learnt a lot this way. I keep learning from great artists.

You spoke of Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar, but I feel I see in you some impressions of Dev Anand and Rajesh Khanna.
People have seen many images in me. This is because I was brought up right under a theatre - my house is build below a theatre. The voices keep carrying from in there. We would go to sleep hearing those voices and wake up to the sound of music. I have learnt from all artists.

Your favourite actor?
As an actor Dilip Uncle, as a hero, Dharmendra, and in the newer era, Amitabh Bachchan. They are great icons.

After a long time I've heard a fan of Dharmendra's.
I have yet to see as handsome a hero as him - that once he comes on screen, you neither hear his dialogues not see the location - just keep looking at that man who has maintained himself even till now. God has given all of us a body, but the way he has taken care of that body is worth seeing. His daily routine and diet are all very good and it shows on his face. His personality is very attractive. Someone who works so hard automatically becomes attractive. He has had a great impact on village boys. In our village, any boy who would build his body was told - do you think you are Dharmendra?

Your favourite actress?
My favourite actress is Madhuri Dixit.

How did you get the name Chichi?
In Punjabi, the little finger of your hand is called Chichi. My father kept this name and my mother used to like it a lot. Every time she should get a statue of Lord Krishna carrying the Govardhan Mountain with his little finger. She would say that Chichi will become a chichi like this. I used to say - why do you say that, why would I lift a mountain? That was just mother's way of showering her blessings.

I didn't know you are Punjabi. There have been Punjabi superstars in every generation. Hope there is no hanky-panky there?
We are artists and appreciate art, and respect the land where we belong. Art expands a person's personality. My mother is from Banaras so you can see more of Banaras in me. All my UP films became super hits.

Another song of your choice?
'Chod do aanchal zamaana kya kahega...' and Dev sahib's reply was 'In adaaon ka zamaana bhi hai deewana, deewana kya kahega.'

Which actress did like being paired with, or thought that this pair will be liked by people?
I enjoy watching myself. I am a selfish artist. I keep seeing myself - I see if I have improved myself or not; am I looking bad. Actresses I work with tell me that only if I get out of myself will I be able to see anyone else. This is all the magic of combined hard work and God's blessings.

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