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Jiah Khan chats with fans

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jiah's man : i havent seen nishabd, but i have seen quite a few interviews of yours on tv, and you've got an accent when you speak hindi, how do you manage with it when dubbing ?
Jiah Khan : well i concentrate very much on dubbing go see the film and see for urself jiah's man

sania : hi jia...how r u? ur really so cute i luv ur smileeeeee
Jiah Khan : thank u sania

gia : YOU ROCK
Jiah Khan : thank u gia

arvind : your birthdate is 20 feb 1988 right?
Jiah Khan : yes arvind

hey sexy : do u think india will win the cricket world cup?
Jiah Khan : i will pray for india to win

z : who is ur favourite cricketer?
Jiah Khan : rahul dravid

dragon : what do u think is india's chances of winning the world cup?
Jiah Khan : very high

Jiah Khan : i have studied acting

gia : what do u think of taran adarsh?
Jiah Khan : he is the most sought aftr critic and he is wonderful abt me

Aryan : will u be watching the cricket matches from today?
Jiah Khan : yes i will try and watch the match

ibz79 : how emotional r u at heart?
Jiah Khan : im very very emotional

anmol : all ram gopal varma discoveries hav been one film wonders. does that scare u?
Jiah Khan : no not all cos ive been appreciated as an actress by the best critics

dhruv : where r u now
Jiah Khan : at the marriot

jyothaz : r u typing or is someone from indiafm?
Jiah Khan : im typing sweetie

Ashie : Jiah, do u feel indian, american or english?
Jiah Khan : i feel indian

sania : how r the indiafm people treating u?
Jiah Khan : the india fm ppl are angels

SRK : Do u like to work with SRK??
Jiah Khan : i like srk

the great : have u read the review of indiafm of nishabd on indiafm?
Jiah Khan : yes i hv read it

sania : do u have a boy friend?
Jiah Khan : no i dont have a boyfriend

amitabhfan : are you a Chelsea football fan?
Jiah Khan : i LOVE chelsea

dhruv : wht would u be if not an actor
Jiah Khan : formula one racer

jyothaz : du u reely think oopmh factor is an important factor to succecss??
Jiah Khan : no its not neccesary to have an oomph factor

Revathy : im gonna name my daughter nafisa
Jiah Khan : how sweet

Revathy : i think ur lying about your age. u look 22
Jiah Khan : haha wanna check my passport

bun : hey jiah..ur voice was dubbed in nishabd
Jiah Khan : i did my own dubbing

Revathy : who r the people that u know from indiafm?
Jiah Khan : suleman

Revathy : jiah dont u think u over-exposed ?? ?
Jiah Khan : i think ash over exposed in dhoom 2...im nothin compared to that

Revathy : jiah dont u think u over-exposed ?? ?
Jiah Khan : i think ash over exposed in dhoom 2...im nothin compared to that

bunn : u speak quite well then..i am impresd hmmmm
Jiah Khan : thanks bunn ur a darling

Ravan : Jiah .. whats ur next movie to look forward too ?
Jiah Khan : havent decided on the movie

Revathy : will u go nude also if the script demands it ?
Jiah Khan : no revathy i wouldnt

amdad : what kind of roles r u looking for?
Jiah Khan : galmourous roles

fardeen khan : i have written a script where i think u fit in quite well... how do i approach u?
Jiah Khan : contact india fm

henna : so wat do think about gettin married
Jiah Khan : i gotta wiat till im 21 to get married

ibz79 : u've started ur career in an almost perfect manner,just keep it up n keep risin,sunshine!(i'm writin almost coz nuthin's perfect in this world,isn't it?)
Jiah Khan : ibz79 ur really a sweetheart

khan : do u believe in numberology... u shud change ur name spelling to jeeeiaahh
Jiah Khan : my mum does numerolgy

Ashie : Jiah one more Q, lot of the bollywood actor/actresses are putting so much make up to look fair/white, are you going to do the same?
Jiah Khan : no i love my skin colour
Jiah Khan : ppl shld appreciate wat god has given them

amdad : im coming to marriott rt now... u just wait... muhahaha... be careful
Jiah Khan : haha

bunn : how was ur experience with amitabh?
Jiah Khan : it was the best experience of my life

abhishek : hi Jiah I m frm Nepal....THe film shows u're 18. Wats ur actual age?
Jiah Khan : im actually 19

fardeen khan : what if one actor hits on u... how wud u react?
Jiah Khan : if an actor hits on me i guess i wld run away

SAHIL : i think u must be the future superstar of bollywood??
Jiah Khan : thank u sahil

nrj73 : r u emotional ?
Jiah Khan : im very emotional

mr.dirty : hey jiah how many pts u rate urself in nishabd performence out of ten
Jiah Khan : i wld give myself 1 point

bunn : can u give me ram gopal verma email id..i really like his films
Jiah Khan : he doesnt have an email id

liyakat : u look so beautiful
Jiah Khan : thank u


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