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"Death is my fear" : Jimmy Sheirgill... Contd.

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nanda : jimmy..u have been all sorts of roles whether it is romantic or comic. which genre are u most comfortable in?
Jimmy Sheirgill : im most comfortable with comedy

Kishore : hi jimmy, i heard u have only lobbied for one role in your life and that is for Eklavya, is it true?
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes i did

moses sapir : Yash chpora best movie is???..???
Jimmy Sheirgill : lamhe

moses sapir : Which amitabh character u like in the last 6 years
Jimmy Sheirgill : recently i liked amitabh's role in cheeni kum

nirma : do u think u were given a justice role n film mohabetein? or uday or gujul?
Jimmy Sheirgill : i wish i was thinking when i did it

london_guy : Jimmy have u ever been to mauritius..paradise on earth??
Jimmy Sheirgill : no i havent been to mauritius, but i wld love to

london_guy : jimmy r u a joru ka ghulam?
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes i try to be a joru ka ghulam

Paki gurl : jimmy jee if i come farward to take ur autograph...will u gav me??
Jimmy Sheirgill : paki gurl, yes ofcourse

moses sapir : Abhishek told his father that his act in nishabd was beter then black u agree
Jimmy Sheirgill : i have not seen nishahd

Khurram3 : Whats ur fav movie in which u acted ?????
Jimmy Sheirgill : yahan is my fav movie

nirma : do u prefer tea or coffee?
Jimmy Sheirgill : im a hard core coffee person

taz : whar r ur hobbies
Jimmy Sheirgill : watching movies

london_guy : jimmy as an actor or jimmy as a father??
Jimmy Sheirgill : a father

nirma : whilst making of film with kim sharm in usa, what has been ur worst and best memory?
Jimmy Sheirgill : worst wld be 9/11 n best wld be the all american crew who i worked with

nanda : what would be ur reaction if madhuri dixit says that she is dying to act opposite you in a film?
Jimmy Sheirgill : i wld be a very happy

preeti : wat is that one thing tat u wud never go out of ur house without it
Jimmy Sheirgill : my head on my shoulders

nirma : what do u do in ur spare time?
Jimmy Sheirgill : get me some spare time n i'll say 500 things that i cld do

nirma : what wuld u do if u were stuck on an island with no type of communication?
Jimmy Sheirgill : wow i wld love it

nirma : hav u seen woh lamhe?
Jimmy Sheirgill : no i havent

Riya : Where do you see yourself 15 years from now?
Jimmy Sheirgill : 15 yrs from now, all i can see is a 51 yr old jimmy sheirgill

spiderpig : how do u rate urself as an actor? and as a human being?
Jimmy Sheirgill : i rate myself as a really big fluke

Jimmy SherDIL : would u like to do a superhero film. (role of superhero)...if yes...which superhero
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes i wld love to spiderman, coz my son is crazy about spiderman

sara_lara : I saw you years before dancing on a show, why are you not dancing that much in your movies. I like your style
Jimmy Sheirgill : thank u sara lara

malork : hey jimmy, how have u transformed as an actor from mohobattein to victoria ??
Jimmy Sheirgill : i have become a transformer

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