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"I wish I was a part of DDLJ" : Jimmy Sheirgill... Contd.

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Paki gurl : wat do u thing about those men...who wish to be women?
Jimmy Sheirgill : god bless those men!

london_guy : would u advise ur son to join the filmy world and why?
Jimmy Sheirgill : i want him to become a sportsman but if he wants to join the film industry, then i wld not stop him

preet : Hi Jimmy Hope you are well. You were amazing in Delhi Heights. It was so natural. Are you like Abir in real life.
Jimmy Sheirgill : no im not like abir in real life

: Tell me about your character in Victoria No 203 because I havent seen the old one.
Jimmy Sheirgill : my character in victoria 203 is quite different from the same character in the old one

Paki gurl : watz ur shoe no.?
Jimmy Sheirgill : my shoe no. is 10

Arwa : ur fav colour ? n do u like desi food more or continental ?
Jimmy Sheirgill : desi food anytime

ZZZZ DON} : Hw ws it wrking with Preeti Jhangiani again and that new girl ?
Jimmy Sheirgill : it was great fun. just that i dont have even one scene with preeti in victoria

ourousha : i want to ask you one question how you live your life like a actor or like a common people live plz do answer me
Jimmy Sheirgill : as common as possible

Paki gurl : apkay paas konsa cell fone hai?
Jimmy Sheirgill : Nokia E 90

divya : best of luck
Jimmy Sheirgill : thank u divya

PRIYA64 : if u were stuck on an desserted island n were allowed to have 5 things with u? what wud they be n why?
Jimmy Sheirgill : 5 of the most beautiful women in the world

moses sapir : u like amjad khan
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes im a big fan of amjad khan

tajdar : jimmy who is ur favourite female playback singer
Jimmy Sheirgill : lataji

Jigu : Point out ONE thing that u liked the most in the STORY of Victoria No. 203
Jimmy Sheirgill : the comedy angle of victoria no 203

spiderpig : but do u think your good as a comedian??
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes i think im very good at comedy

spiderpig : wats your film wednesday all about?
Jimmy Sheirgill : its an edge-of-the-seat thriller

preeti : are u a techno freak
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes i am

tejsandhu : if you could steal one thing in the world what would you steal?
Jimmy Sheirgill : the reserve bank of india

Jigu : What advise would u give ???. Run after ur wife Kush rahoge,, ya Run after a Diamond aur aish karoge?
Jimmy Sheirgill : rt now u guys shld be running after that diamond ring ;)

Paki gurl : how ur son react ro see u on screen?
Jimmy Sheirgill : he laughs whenever he sees me onscreen

Ram : what is more imp good work or great succeess
Jimmy Sheirgill : great success

Riya : wht do you think about website Indiafm? did you knw this website b4?
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes i did know about indiafm

london_guy : if karan johar ask you to sleep with him and he will cast u in his next..would u do that?
Jimmy Sheirgill : i wld prefer to make u sleep with him and do his film

PRIYA64 : are u fond of cars or bikes?
Jimmy Sheirgill : im fond of cars

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