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Urvashi talks about her co-stars

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FaraZ : do u like pets
Urvashi Sharma : no pets for me

Aseel : Himesh or pritam ? - the better music composer
Urvashi Sharma : both

Joya : Urvashi i am typing from KABUL afghanista , do you like comming here?
Urvashi Sharma : i havent been there. but i wld love to come there

faridoon : What do you think of Atif Aslam with whose music video you gained a lot of prominence?
Urvashi Sharma : it was a great song. he is a great singer. it was great video made by kuki and i think i did a good job

Chaos : what was ur favorite movie from 2006?
Urvashi Sharma : munnabhai n rdb

aowas : wen u faced the camera for the 1st time how was ur reaction?
Urvashi Sharma : i was happy, excited n quite comfortable with the camera

diyaa : i heard u were a part of the cast of jaani dushman? true?
Urvashi Sharma : yes. in ur dreams

FaraZ : what is your best friend in the film industry
Urvashi Sharma : no friends only fans

fringant : which is your fav holiday destination
Urvashi Sharma : my home

Chaos : do u have any more brothers and sisters?
Urvashi Sharma : we are three sisters. y?

shyam sharma : y u not b replyingh back 2 me
Urvashi Sharma : send me the questions again

magz.. : Urvashi... u r luking awesum in d pomos...
Urvashi Sharma : thank u so much. i hope u go to watch the movie FDFS

naina : complete the following... we should all watch Naqaab because?
Urvashi Sharma : its a great film and i am in it

bd : is it true that you have appeared in bikini from Naqaab
Urvashi Sharma : watch the movie. you'll know if its a bikini or a saree

aowas : i think ur playing the suspense part of the movie Naqaab
Urvashi Sharma : lets see. find out urself

heema : Hi Urvashi ! when are your other films comming up after Naqaab ?
Urvashi Sharma : they come out by next yr

mel : wat do u think of taran adarsh?
Urvashi Sharma : he s great. i wld love to be a part of his programme

Urvashi : any ads?
Urvashi Sharma : lots

FaraZ : in naqab , do u play nigative role?
Urvashi Sharma : im watching the movie on 13th myself. i'll let u know

don : hahahaha, just read that AK doesnt use a wig, come on .........u cant be so naive and diplomatic :)
Urvashi Sharma : im no being diplomatic. thas the truth

Joya : Urvashi, u like who is tougher aamir or sunny
Urvashi Sharma : sunny is tougher, aamir is chocolaty

Vishal : jungle mein magal... main hoon a k hangal.. wud u like work with me beti?
Urvashi Sharma : bohut bada dangal lenge hangal

Himani : there were rumors that u gifted surf excel to abbas and mustan... right na?
Urvashi Sharma : ur funny. ha ha ha. u got a good sense of humor

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