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Dhoom 3 - Movie Review - An Aamir Khan Show

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The highly awaited movie of the year - Yash Raj Films, Dhoom 3, starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra releases across India today. Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, Dhoom 3 is one of the most expensive movie of the year, made with an approximate budget of Rs 100 crore.

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A dramatic conflict is what makes cinema tick and to create such a conflict that doesn't defy the logic of audience is hard! To begin with, the point of Dhoom franchise was never to keep it real. It was over the top in its very concept, design and ultimately in its sensibility. Dhoom 3 is just another nitro charged addition to the franchise that always has an ingredient set of 'super heroes-super bikes-sexy chicks'.

Even though this movie is an out and out Aamir Khan show, it is not really an Aamir Khan film. For him, this would be an attempt to bridge a good relationship with YRF. As per the design of the movie, Aamir's performance is also very over the top. Please don't expect the Aamir you have seen in films like Sarfarosh, Rang De Basanti, Mangal Pandey and Lagaan.

Film begins in Chicago 1990, in a snow falling December, introducing Aamir Khan's childhood. Aamir's father, played by Jackie Shroff, is a legendary circus man, who own 'The Great Indian Circus'. The company is in debt and in a last attempt to save the company, Shroff delivers the last show to the bank authorities. As the authorities deny his request, he shoots himself and dies. Aamir Khan's Sahir, from then on, is in a mission to take revenge on the bank. In the second half, Abhishek Bachchan (Jai Dixit) weaves a new plan to capture him. Whether he successfully completes his mission or not forms the rest of the story.

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Jai Dixit, Abhishek's character goes to investigate a bank robbery an Indian committed in Chicago. He is called as the best Indian Cop and he never even goes with a team, but with side kick Ali (Uday Chopra) who is not a certified cop!

I was surprised how the director underestimates his audience to this insane extent. To solve such an easy case, Chicago police needs an Indian officer's help, it seems! Where was FBI, if Chicago police can't do it! Oh, Okay, this is a story and we need Jai and Ali to arrive in Chicago to continue the story but it takes talent to make the scene 'believable'. The soul of cinema is 'make belief'. If you can't make your audience believe what you narrate, then you are in trouble !

Aamir introduces himself to Jai (Abhishek) and says he knows the robber. Jai, in fact, does not find anything mysterious in him. What a cop! He doesn't even do what an ordinary cop would do in such situations - 'doubt everyone'. And the ways he chose to prove his case is something even children won't believe!

The film is fast paced and very colourful. There is great precision in editing. Movie never lags. Last 45 minutes is the strength of the film. Last bank robbery was choreographed and shot in a very thrilling but 'over the top' way. Sometime the fight scenes are so unbelievable that you may laugh!

There should be a special mention for Julius Packiam, who composed the background score for the film. It is his work that really gives an emotional hook to many scenes which otherwise would have gone flat. Soundtrack literally elevates the mood of last bank robbery scene and climax.

There is no big story in this movie as such movies never requires a meaty plot! Caper-heist films work fine even without a big story, but the only condition is such that it shouldn't insult one's logic. Here, in this film, antagonist (villain) is a bank! A bank is never a person. It is a just an economic system that multiplies money through legally approved ways. Taking revenge on a bank defies my logic and that is precisely the premise of the movie. If you are a Dhoom franchise fan, you may buy it! But Indian cinema has travelled so far in the last decade, so are the audience. We must wait to see whether the audience approve this premise of Dhoom 3.

Aamir's performance is not up to the mark and it is sad to see him delivering a highly artificial performance in some key scenes. I couldn't expect this from the man who did such natural performance in his second film Raakh. Katrina Kaif actually doesn't have a proper role, but has two dance sequences and doesn't even try to prove her acting prowess. But of course, Kat looks hot and dances with high energy! Abhishek Bachchan is excellent in some scenes, but very funny in some 'supposed to be serious' scenes. To my surprise, Uday Chopra is so natural and funny in this film.

Dhoom 3 Special Screening - Pictures

Dhoom 3 will definitely find a place for itself in the crowd and will be enjoyed by a great number of audience. However, it is not for those who rely on logic in the first half! Post interval, the story heats up. Dhoom target audience is likely to 'lap up' this treat and would be the best DHOOM so far.

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Abhishek's Fights Are Very Artificial

Abhishek's introductory fight tests the limits of your logic. The film works on an unreal plane and there are lot of repetitive scenes in the first half. First half of Dhoom 3 is a celebration of cliches.

Katrina Kaif Has Nothing To Do

Katrina has some energetic dance moves in Dhoom 3. I felt her character is not written, but just choreographed for two songs!

A Heavy Dose Of Melodrama

A heavy dose of melodramatic scenes pop up when Aamir is seen recalling his past. Aamir Khan doesn't have one single scene to showcase his performing skills in the first half.

Katrina Doesn't Have A Meaty Role

There is a romantic angle between Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif. Katrina doesn't have much to do in this film and luckily, she has one scene that leads to a turn of events in the film.

Luckily Second Half Holds The Movie Together

Second half luckily has a emotional hook. The second half purely belongs to Aamir! It is an Aamir show from there on and I believe that the last 45 minutes of the film, filled with high octane chase scenes and necessary emotional hooks, is the strength of the whole movie.

Action Scenes In Dhoom That Make You Laugh

Most action scenes in Dhoom make sensible audience laugh because it is beyond the concept of logic and of course, gravity.

Aamir Khan's Artifical Performance

Aamir Khan's performance becomes so artificial in some scenes which you will never expect this from him.

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