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Twilight Saga: New Moon Review and fans' feedback

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart starrer The Twilight Saga: New Moon has got rave reviews from the critics. But the Twilight sequel has left many fans feeling a bit disappointed. Several fans are not happy with director Catherine Hardwicke. They feel it could have been so much more than what Catherine made it.

Some viewers feel that Robert Pattinson is just as bad at acting as he was in the first one, but Taylor Lautner's role balances it out quite well. Taylor and Kristen have much better chemistry. Some even think that Kristen Stewart seriously needs acting lessons. She's terrible. She has failed to express the emotion or feeling that her role demands.

Following are the comments made by a few unique readers of our review on www.filmibeat.com. Take a tour through the comments.

By: Stacie

New Moon was fantastic. The cinematography was way better, the colour was improved, the story was great, and it is a romance story, not a supernatural movie!

By: Nikki

Twilight was a huge disappointment, I'm glad Catherine Hardwicke was not brought back for another round.

By: Lisa

Just went to a premiere and I feel so cheated. The movie was rushed and they took advantage of inserting conversations where ever they can fit them way too much. The CGI was terrific but the story telling was awful. Please bring back Catherine Hardwick or have them work together. I am so bummed!

By: Adwan
Not only was there more action but I felt that it really summed up what the book was about (feelings and introducing not only the love triangle but also the Volturi who by the way were great!). Though I wished that some of the key scenes in the book were put in the movie but hey, it"s hard to fit in so much in 112 minutes without boring everyone. It's not a supernatural book with a hint of romance but the opposite so it"s only to be expected that there would be a number of romantic scenes. In my opinion, this movie was way better than the first.

By: Lois

Change Robert Pattinson. His acting sucked compared to Kristen Stewart. It's like all the money and effort went into the Wolves scenes that no money was left for extra takes with Robert Pattinson's scenes. What's with the eyes? Twilight set the standard for the characters; they should just stuck to that? It's a romance flick, but again. Another director fails to portray the brilliance of the book.

By: Jared

Your comments are totally wrong. The movie actually makes the book look better. This book wasn't even that brilliant. All the dialogue in the middle of the book with Jacob and Bella was so boring to read, but Taylor Lautner actually plays an amazing Jake and even makes Jake look a lot better than I ever thought he was. New Moon went perfectly along with the book and to make it even better, they added extra action scenes, which was great because Stephanie Meyer is way too dull at times. I loved her books, but she could have added a little more suspense and action here and there. But you are not a real fan so nobody cares what u think. You can say twilight sucked because Catherine Hardwicke was terrible, but Chris Weitz is a god that gave the fans what they wanted.

By: Juliet

Twilight was a terrible adaptation to a beautiful novel. New Moon was 1000 times better, it stayed true to the book and important details were not left out this time. And as for the romance.....ummmm....this is what the Twilight saga is about. Obviously, you have no idea what you are talking about. How about reading the books first and getting clued up on what the saga is actually about before making any public reviews.

By: Ashleigh

What do you mean it has 'too much romance'? The twilight series isn't a supernatural adventure it is a romance. Also, Kirsten Stewarts seriously needs acting lessons. She's terrible. No emotion or feeling!

By: Randall

NM rules! Great job. It takes Twilight series to a new level - a bit disappointed with what they did with Dakota - silly costume and the red eyes are a bit silly too - she looks like a vampire circus clown without the big shoes. Biggest complaint - the direction of Edward in NM falls way short of Twilight - way so. For me - that is the biggest issue where the spark was hardly there - not Pattinson's fault - it is a directing issue. Other that, yeah, brings on Eclipse!

By: Lizbeth

I thought the movie was a major step-up from the first! I felt that Twilight was a major disappointment and I didn't like Hardwicke's approach to it. I have to say that after Twilight, New Moon well exceeds my expectations and I simply loved it. The fight and action in Volterra worked in well because, as a movie, it needs to be more visual. I am a massive fan of the books - so of course I will always prefer the books - but as an interpretation of the books, New Moon succeeded where Twilight just didn't. ...Team Jacob!!

By: Prue

I agree with the above, New Moon is packed with every main part of the book and that may be the problem. They have stayed so true to the book it"s just awesome! True fans will love the movie. The 3 main character do a fantastic job, the only thing I can complain about is I would have like to see more of the Cullens, and for people who have not read the book there is so much info packed into what I think was short time. Bring on ECLIPSE!!

By: Wade Winston Wilson

Well... What can we expect from such a popcorn movie like this? Just entertainment (if so). No more, no less. So there's no point in getting mad and criticize all negative reviews about the movie, because this not the kind of movie that can get excellent reviews from everyone.

By: Hanna

I just watched the premiere of New Moon and first things first it blew the Twilight film out of the water! Unlike the first film, New Moon utilizes all the best parts of the book and brings it to life on the big screen. Better directed, better acted and better portrays what the Twilight saga is all about! I'm not sure what movie you were watching!

By: Sue

The Twilight Saga is first and foremost a ROMANCE not a supernatural book/movie. Fans thought Catherine Hardwicke 'improved on Meyer's novel' - WRONG - most fans think Hardwicke BUTCHERED Twilight. From everything I've seen of New Moon it has remained more faithful to the book than Twilight and the added scenes will enhance the movie whereas Hardwicke's added scenes were at best bizarre! I am Team Edward but the lack of Edward is not going to stop me seeing this fantastic book come to life on the big screen and enjoying every minute of it.

By: Bri

I saw an early screening of New Moon, and there is no comparison: New Moon is a much better movie, in all aspects, than Twilight. Robert Pattinson is just as bad at acting as he was in the first one, but Taylor Lautner's role balances it out quite well. Taylor and Kristen have much better chemistry.

By: Kat

Firstly, thank you for spoiling the plot for anyone who wants to see the movie but hasn't read the books. Good job on that one. Secondly, Catherine Hardwicke possibly made the worst movie possible for Twilight. The only exception being that it could have been worse had she indeed used puppets instead of real people. Thirdly, the Twilight saga, as Alyssa stated, is first and foremost a ROMANCE story that contains fantastical elements. I hope to see this movie soon and hopefully before then your rubbish and generic review will have been obliterated from my memory by the review of someone actually capable of an original and intelligent though.

By: Alyssa

The Twilight Saga is not a supernatural adventure! Its first and foremost a romance. In countless interviews Stephanie Meyer, the cast and anyone involved in twilight have said how the supernatural element simply heightens the emotions of the real story. If you took away the vampires and the werewolves it would still be the same book.

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