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Here's Why Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are Getting Back Together

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A lot has been happening in The Last Song couple's life lately. But, what's the reason behind the the blooming old relationship or the alleged engagement for the second time? Here's Why Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are Getting Back Together!

Liam and Miley first met on the sets of their movie The Last Song. They fell in love and got engaged in 2012 after three years of relationship. In the 2013 they called their 15 months of relationship off mutually. Now, in 2016, the couple are seen cuddling, kissing and spending a lot of time with each other:

They Are Both Animal Lovers

Liam and Miley are both huge animal lovers. Both are vegan and have always shared immense love for each other pet.

Miley Gets Along With Liam's Family

Miley Cyrus has always been very close to Liam Hemsworth's family. Be it back in 2012 or now. She spent 2016 New Years with Liam's family in Australia.

They've Both Grown Out Of Their Insecurities

Liam was really afraid to take a chance with his career when he first moved to LA and Miley always wanted to be a free spirited human being. They have both achieved what they always wanted.

Miley Grew Her Hair For Liam

Yes, she's finally growing her hair for Liam as he always liked her with long hair.

She's Not Seeing Anyone

Post her breakup with Liam, Miley has had a long list of flings and rumored relationships. But, in the past few months, she's only thought of Liam and kept herself single.

He Has Crushed All His Crushes & Hook Ups

Though Liam's co-actor from Hunger Games admitted that she and Liam hooked up off screen, he never confirmed it and has never been open about hooking up with anyone besides Miley.

She's Much Calmed Down

Considering what she was a year or two ago, Miley has calmed down big time in terms of her on stage behavior or public appearance.

Both Their Schedule Are Less Hectic

The two celebrities finally have time for each other which was one of the major issues that led to their breakup.

Finally, They Are Made For Each Other

Who would have thought in their wildest dreams that Liam and Miley would ever get back? Even they would have never thought if that. Their relationship seems like it was meant to be.

We saw the possible reasons behind Hollywood's one of the favorite couples reunion. Maybe they are yet to come out to the public and media about their rekindling love life, but we are sure that Liam and Miley are going to be back together again.

Unlike many other celebrity couples, this duo never held any harsh feelings for one another. They always respected each other and wished nothing but the best. Maybe, time and again they hinted at their hidden feelings for one another.

Like, a few months ago, Liam came out to the media about his feelings for Miley. He said how he just can't stop loving her and hasn't been able to date anyone after his break up with his ex-fiancee. Neither has he ever dissed her for all her past relationships.

Even Miley held similar feelings for Liam. Respecting what she had with his for almost half a decade, she always expressed her cordial feelings and helped him with different things several times. It was only in the last month that Miley spoke about more than just friendship with Liam.

She supposedly made a statement saying, she's been fantasying about getting back with her ex-fiance. She also said , he's so hot and irresistible that it's hard to stop thinking about him. Well, looks like Miley's dreams are coming true, aren't they?

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