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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1263

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Sadananda Hosamane has canceled the Sadhana Yatra and he is waiting curiously to see how Sukanya will react to his action.

Byadarhalli Shivappa and Doddaguni Shankarnarayan are gathered at Sukanya's House. They are all thinking about the reason behind the dropping of the Hosamane's Sadhana Yatra. Sukanya says that they need not have to worry about Hosamane, because she will have a bomb with her always. Doddaguni is curious to know why Hosamane is so afraid of Krishnakumari. Sukanya asks them to stop thinking about it. She requests them to think on Hosamane's next move.

Devaiah Nandgudi meets Megha and asks her why Krishnakumari's interview has been canceled. She is surprised and she says that she has not canceled the programme. She doubts that the circular must be sent by Poorvi. Soon she calls Sukanya over phone and complains against Poorvi for sending circular about the interview. To her surprise, Sukanya says that she herself has sent the circular. She further says that they should stop fighting, when their rival is silent in the battle field. Megha is dumbfounded.


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