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    Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 November 12 Recap : Rakesh, Nayana & Others Get Nominated


    Just before the nomination day, a bite of Sunday evening was telecasted where Andy, Dhanraj, Murali & Rashmi were seen catching up with a small talk in the garden area. Akshatha came in and asked Andy to get the dishes done, which infuriated Andy for quite no reason. This prompted the latter to let his tongue loose and thus, breaking it into a mini argument between the duo. Read the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 recap to know more.

    Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6

    Nomination Process

    Jayashree: She nominated Rakesh for having lost interest in the game and Rashmi for instigating others along with the usage of wrong language.

    Murali: He wasn't quite happy with Kavitha's attitude and her approach towards a certain task, while his second nomination was Rakesh for his dipped energy levels.

    Ravi: Ravi felt that Adam Pasha has lost the enthusiasm in the game and nominated Rakesh for his negligence factor.

    Dhanraj: The former captain wasn't quite happy over Andy's usage of words with Akshatha the previous day, while he felt that Rashmi was always at loggerheads with him no matter what the situation was. Hence, Andy & Rashmi were his choices.

    Shashi: He felt that Andy picked up certain fights last week, as he wasn't nominated for the last week. Rakesh was nominated next, as he felt that his approach towards the Haavina Dwesha task was condemnable.

    Anand: He nominated Shashi for being a very strong contestant who could be seen as a threat and Dhanraj for being a safe-playing contestant.

    Rashmi: She nominated Andy for targeting everyone and sparing none. And she also nominated Kavitha for prompting other contestants to initiate a fight if needed.

    Nayana: Nayana nominated Murali for not involving himself proactively in the tasks and Andy, as Nayana wanted him to utilize his special power given by the Bigg Boss.

    Andy: Naveen was nominated by him for taking the roast personally and Shashi for coming in between Kavitha and himself.

    Rakesh: Anand wasn't quite abiding by the rules and going against the wish of the other contestants as per Rakesh, so he chose to nominate him and Kavitha for not being a sport inside the house.

    Adam: He nominated Anand for being very rough and rude during both the tasks and normal time, while Rashmi was his second choice, as he felt there has been no improvement in her behaviour.

    Kavitha: She nominated Andy for being egoistic and not receptive for suggestions, while Rakesh for giving up on tasks way too early.

    Naveen: He nominated Andy for swimming against the tide and trying to turn all attention towards him and Shashi for being close to only selective people.

    Akshatha: She nominated Dhanraj for usage of his words during his captaincy and Anand for playing his own task suggested by Bigg Boss, taking it granted, which was a lie card.

    The captain of the house, Sonu Patil was asked to nominate 2 contestants directly with suitable reasons. She nominated Nayana for not involving herself completely into tasks and Adam for the very same reason.

    Sonu & Murali were dragged into the swimming pool by the other Bigg Boss contestants and were thrown in there, while Akshatha refuted hard and cried out for the actions.

    A Fun Evening

    A musical ball game was given as a task to the contestants, where a contestant with the ball when the music stops will be out of the game. This required contestants to pick a slip and enact something written on the slip, which was a bunch of entertainment. Murali remained alone at the end, which eventually crowned him as the winner of the task.

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