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Shishira – Review

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Debut director Manju Swaraj's Kannada movie Shishira comes to the audiences as the last and the best offer for the year 2009. As the film crew has already claimed, the movie is not purely a suspense thriller and it is a mixture of all the masala elements like love, suspense, music and etc.

The movie Shishira has been inspired by John Cusack's Hollywood film 1408. The highlights of the movie are Yashas Surya's performance, Manju Swaraj's excellent storyline, Ajanish Lokhnath's music, Suresh Babu's camera work, Hosamane Murthy's art work.

Director Manju Swaraj has chosen horror story and given it a philosophical touch. His excellent script and gripping narration makes the hold their breathe tightly and watch the movie. The audiences can feel the freshness in each sequence of the film. The surprising twist in the climax is really superb and leaves every one think of the existence of invisible power.

Suraj (Yashas Surya) is a guy, who does not believe in gods and ghosts. Once he takes up the challenge of his friends to spend a day at a haunted house. He enters the house without any means of communication. How he experiences the shocking and terrible developments there and how he is forced to beg the gods for help to get out of the house will form the rest of the story.

The movie has only nine characters. Yuga Yugagale Sagali fame Yashas Surya has delivered an excellent performance as Suraj. He has proved his elementary guts in the movie. Actresses like Meghana and Prema have done a neat job. Other artistes have also done justice to their roles.

Besides this, Ajanish Lokhnath's music is other highlight of the movie. Suresh Babu's camera work, Hosamane Murthy's art work are plus points to make the movie successful. Rajshekhar should be applauded for his special effects.

According to Hindu calender, Shishira means a season and Manju Swaraj's film Shishira surely harbingers a fresh and new season in Kannada film industry. Don't miss the movie.

Producer: BT Manju and B Mahadev

Director: Manju Swaraj

Cast: Yashas Surya, Prema, Meghana and Santosh

Music: Ajanish Lokhnath

Release Date: 24th December 2009

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