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Time - Review

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Monday, June 18, 2007

When you try to make a political thriller, whether you like it or not, you do end up bringing to life on screen, characters that are heavily inspired from real life. Shaji Kailash, who has more than a dozen such films to his credit, just couldn't refuse the lure of making his reel-life characters resemble some well-known present day personalities.

'Time' is a typical Shaji Kailash film with all its rapid cuts, big dialogues and eccentric characters and a story inspired from the newspapers. This time around, he has maintained steady pace throughout the film, something that he often falters at. But, you just cant help but notice that the film doesn't have that big a story to tell.

It all begins with a high-profile murder of a former minister. He was about to go on trial for corruption charges that were unearthed by and leveled by social activist Susan Mary Thomas, played by Padhmapriya. The very brilliant and slightly eccentric Dr Appan Menon IPS, played of course by Suresh Gopi, is brought in to investigate the murder.

Susan Mary Thomas' mother had waged an undying battle to reclaim her property. She also was one of the main protestors in the war against cola giants who try to enter the state. As she begins to work with Appan Menon, she begins to discover certain things about the cop that moves the story ahead. Appan Menon's dad (Suresh Gopi in his second role) is a strict and authoritarian man. Appan Menon adores his gorgeous wife, Vaigai, played by Vimala. What happens to her? You'll have to let the film reveal it.

Meanwhile, the investigation begins. It takes some time for Appan Menon to get himself accustomed to his colleague, Alexander Mekkandan, another IPS officer. But soon the ego issues are sorted out and the two begin to work well with each other. The murder spree doesn't stop. Soon, two more politicians are killed too. Pressure to solve the case increases.

The police begin to suspect a mendicant, another eccentric character in the film, played by Manoj K Jayan. He declares that he was the person behind the murders, but the evidence has a different story. Who's behind the murders? What about all the other knots that remain to be unraveled? When did we kill the film's suspense?

There however is something distinct about this film- its violence. This time around, you enjoy all the side-stories that are brought together very well with the main story. Music is very ordinary but cinematography deserves special excellent. Rajarathnam sure knows how to make even an ordinary frame look beautiful. His cinematography plays along very well with the story.

Cast - Suresh Gopi (Appan Menon), Padhmapriya (Susan Mary Thomas), Vimala (Vaigai), Siddhique (Alexander Mekkandan), Manoj K Jayan and others

Director - Shaji Kailash

The Producer - Gopan

The Good:

Suresh Gopi, Padhmapriya and their good onscreen chemistry

Rajarathnam's cinematography

Racy pace

The Bad:

Nothing much in terms of the story

Vimala being there solely for glamour

The Ugly:

Excessive violence and almost preachy justification for it. For sometime you enjoy it but it then becomes annoying.

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