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Lady Gaga’s silk underwear boosts her creativity

By: Sampurn Wire
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Singer Lady Gaga fans must be often pondering over this singing sensation"s amazing creativity as she performs so powerfully and has something very exciting to offer each time she is on stage or her album comes out. What is the secret behind the creative talent of the American pop singer?

Does she practice meditation or is she taking any special lessons to boost her concentration level and enhance her creativity? Well, she is not doing anything of that sort. The secret lies in her under garments! Before you start speculating on this, let us clear the fact that it is her silk undergarments, which boosts Lady Gaga"s creativity as she claims.

Lady Gaga is known for her unusual dressing sense but she is very specific about her inner wear. According to the 24-year-old singer, the feel of silk on her skin gives a soothing effect and that enriches her creativity. Polyester, cotton and Lycra are out of her closet now. Silk has replaced all of them and she has ordered for 100% pure silk garments.

Now onwards, you won"t see her wearing anything apart from silk. You may consider it to be a superstition too that she believes silk will boost her creativity. But this is quite practical too, because creativity comes out at its best when a person is very comfortable with her attire. If she is feeling comfortable with silk then it will definitely allow her to concentrate more on her music.

Lady Gaga has ordered for a silky collection for her entire underwear section of wardrobe. A pair of this costs around £70 so it is surely going to take a big dig for her entire collection.

However, a popular star like her can easily ask for this much for the sake of creativity!

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