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Salman Khan: Bigg Boss 7 Might Be My Last Season; Priyanka And Not Hrithik On Show For Krrish 3!

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Bigg Boss 7 weekend episode saw Salman Khan's anger channelled towards Kushal for his behaviour towards Tanisha during the Box-task which went out of control. Salman felt he overreacted and there was no need for him to act that way.

Kushal Tandon and Tanisha Mukherjee have had bad equation for a while now. The last task which included Tanisha in the box saw Kushal taking full advantage in taking out his anger on her. Salman Khan on Saturday took up the issue and made sure Kushal got his earful for insulting a woman.

The other inmates who were involved in this issue too got their behinds kicked for ganging up against a fellow contestant. The 47-year-old on Saturday gave an earful to Kushal for insulting Tanisha last week. "If you are thinking that you can clean your image, it's a misconception," Salman told Kushal, and added he too had faced it and realised that one's mistakes are engraved on people's memories.

"Because of this episode, this might be the last season for me," he said on Saturday.

On Sunday, Salman talked about the issue again on Twitter responding to queries from his followers. He wrote that according to Bigg Boss fans both should have been out, "but there was a lot more than wat you saw".

"You see an hour, I see the whole deal. Guess some of you guys may not react when some one speaks to female members of your family or women in that manner," Salman tweeted.

"But I do not. Most of us men and women stand up against men who run them down," wrote the superstar and added that if this is not the culture, "it better become".

The actor also said that people get carried away during the show, and praised the concept. "It's a good show to learn how to be physically and mentally strong. The tasks go on for 48 hrs and more. Without no proper sleep or food. Halwa hai kya (Is it a cakewalk?)," he wrote.

He said, "I am only answering your question about BB (Bigg Boss) because you are following me. This is a game. It's on TV so, I like to keep a check on it."

"The choice is yours if you want to watch it or not. Some times people do get carried away in fights. Everyone does and then they sort it out," he added.

With this done, the eliminations took place, sending Asif Azim is out of the house.

Also, Sunday's episode saw Priyanka Chopra promoting her film Krrish 3 on the show. There has been a lot of talk about Hrithik not wanting to come on the show. It turns out to be true after all!

Salman Khan's Stand

Salman Khan has been getting mixed reactions for his stand on Kushal-Tanisha's issue. There are people who are saying that Salman Khan was unfair and blatantly taking Tanisha's side. Salman Khan has replied and reacted on some of the criticism on a micro-blogging site. Let's have a look.

Salman Khan Biased?

After being called biased Salman justified himself by saying "U see 1 hour i see the whole deal.guess sm of u guys may not react wen sm 1 speaks to your family ka female members or women in that manner. But I do n most of us men n women stand up against men who run em dwn if this is culture not or culture it better b come."

Your Choice

Salman went ahead and said, "The choice is yours if u wanna watch it or not. Sm times people do get carried away in fights,every 1 does n then they sort it out."

Salman Believes

Salman believes that its not easy to be a part of this show, giving example of evicted contestant Rajat Rawail, he said, "Its a good show to learn how to b physically n mentally strong, the tasks go on fr 48hrs n more. Vit no proper sleep or food.halwa hai kya. Dekha nahi hamara haathi ka kya haal hua show mein . Its a v difficult show to host n to play."

This Is A Game

He also said that being the host of the show, it's his responsibility to keep a tab on what's happening in the show, he said, "I am only answering your question abt BB bcs u r following me .This is a game. its on tv so I like to keep a check on it."

Last Season

Salman Khan was so worked up about the Kushal-Tanisha-Scenario that he said this might be his last season because of this issue.

Krrish 3

Priyanka Chopra was on the show to promote her film, Krrish 3.

Priyanka Chopra

Salman and Priyanka entertain everyone with their dancing and drama. Priyanka Chopra sings for Salman and in return Salman teaches her his Dabangg dance steps.

Desi Girl

Priyanka performed on her famous 'Desi Girl' tune.

Salman Insulted Hrithik?

When Priyanka Chopra entered the show, Salman asked for the 'Raghupati Raghav' dance step. He particularly asked for the 'puppy dog' step.

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